Peppered with emotions Bang Bang is an Indianized spy thriller

Made in a whooping budget of 140 crores and releasing in more than 4500 screens around the world, Bang Bang which is touted to be an official remake of the Hollywood spy thriller Knight and Day, is an action packed family entertainer.

Coming from Siddharth Anand’s kitty, the film is an archetypal Indianised version of the firangi spy story.  It takes a conventional Indian route and cashes on emotions and drama. What starts with the most wanted criminal being arrested by London police, culminates into a revenge drama. It takes us on an adventure spree from London to Shimla to Prague and many other hide outs of Rajvir aka Hrithik Roshan.

The story of the film starts with the heist of the most desired diamond of India, Kohinoor, by an Indian jewel thief Rajvir. Rajvir is then chased by the criminal lord Omar Jafar who wants Kohinoor as a means of his escape. Rajvir is also followed closely by the Indian Secret Service agents who wish to possess Kohinoor. Amidst all the mushy chase and run, Rajvir bumps into a distressed damsel, Harleen Sahni aka Katrina Kaif, who is waiting for her Knight In Shining Armour. Without having any knowledge of Rajvir’s background, Harleen falls for him head over heels. And this leads to her getting embroiled in an uncalled for adventure. She agrees later that Rajvir indeed makes her daft life “exciting.”


Moving on.

The film being shot in picturesque locations is a treat to our eye. This 156 minute film is loud and raucous. The flying cars and the gunshots bring it a tad closer to a Rohit Shetty film. Yet it is peppered with emotions and humour alongside action. We won’t say that the film boasts of great action sequences. It has few action sequences that are likely to pull off an appreciation. The film comes closer to the original yet retains the Bollywood-esque flavours. The story of the film isn’t exactly crisp but a mary-go-round per se. Speaking of the adventure, it isn’t adrenaline pumping but it comes close to home leaving us panting for more.

The film is highly predictable yet high on entertainment quotient. Stellar performances given by Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif (Yes, we mean it. Kat does a better job in this film.) adds a charm to the film. But it is disappointing to see a talent like Danny Denzongpa gone sour. He doesn’t come out as the most dreaded don of India. He is suave in his mannerisms and likable. The songs of the film are appeasing and Meherbaan happens to be our favourite.

All in all the film might have loose ends yet it is sure to create a roaring Bang Bang at Box Office. 

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