Mediocre and predictable is how we would describe the film.

Ravi Jadhav, the Marathi filmmaker who gave us films like 'Natrang', 'Balgandharva' and even 'Balak Palak' produced by none other than Ritiesh Deshmukh brings his first Hindi outing 'Banjo'. Unfortunately, he couldn't translate his magic into an Hindi film, for reasons best known to the team. 'Banjo' was supposed to be a time pass masala entertainer but fails to entertain. The only saving grace is Deshmukh's earnest performance and a peppy dance number.

Mumbai being the backdrop, and music being the essence, this one makes a lot of noise but without any rhythm to it. It's about a musician who comes down to Mumbai in search of a man who plays Banjo. His craft catches her attention and she believes that together they can compose for an upcoming music festival.

Our hero is all things bad you can imagine, an extortionist, poor, literally comes out of a gutter. His craft of making good music is what will get him out of this mess. The concept is not bad, but treatment is where it falls head down.

Deshmukh gives his best to the role. He looks darn good, infact better than the character should actually look, given his chiseled worked out physique. There is no doubt that Nargis looks good, however, her acting limitations are quite visible. She is good flaunting her assets but needs to up her game when performing and emoting.

Vishal Shekhar give in peppy music and the background score gets loud at times. However, there is nothing really great about it. Mediocre and predictable is how we would describe the film. Probably Jadhav wanted to go safe with his first outing, but we thought he could have waited a little more and given us a film as endearing as his Marathi outings.

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