Come fall in love with Barfi! - It has the perfect ingredients to become the perfect flavour of the season

A sweet and joyous ride from start to end. No rona-dhona, no unnecessary gaana-shaana, and definitely no over or even under acting. This Barfi! can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, including the diabetics.

Barfi! welcomes you to the cinema hall with a sweet song especially meant for people who get bored of the beginning titles. It has witty, but sensible lyrics that will make you think and laugh. The film opens into the green and cold city of Darjeeling. We have to give it to the cinematographer (Ravi Verman) for giving a cool treat to the eyeballs. He has successfully established the beautiful locals of Darjeeling and its foggy mountains through his lenses. And at the same time he has convincingly established the beautiful city of Kolkata. 

Murphy is lovingly called as Barfi by the people of Darjeeling. He is deaf and mute, but his pranks are unbeatable, even by the ones who can speak and hear. He is adorable, easily befriending and beware because he tests your friendship by making you stand under the lamppost. No big deal? Even if Barfi cuts the lamp-post and makes you stand with him while it’s nearly falling on you? Yeah, that's how he tests your friendship. His life is filled with joy and happiness and that's when he meets his first love Shruti. But his heart is broken when she marries a man to make her family happy. He moves on and then he meets his ultimate soul mate, Jhilmil. Following this, the life of Barfi is nothing less than an adventure or even a fairy tale. 

Brilliant and outstanding; Ranbir Kapoor has proved himself again as an actor. There is one more reason to fall in love with this actor again. The simplicity of his face proved it right for the character of Barfi. His actions will make you laugh; it will make you empathize with him. You will find glimpses of Raj Kapoor and Charlie Chaplin in Barfi. It will make you fall in love with him.

After the rugged Jordan in Rockstar, Ranbir portrays the lovable Barfi without much effort. Priyanka Chopra as the autistic Jhilmil shines out in her role. Ileana D'cruz, in her short and simple role proves herself as a decent debutante in Bollywood. 

The songs of Barfi need a special mention as they are soothing to your ears. Not one song is felt out of place. Pritam has done it again.

Well, when it is coming from Anurag Basu, there is no way you can actually rip apart a movie. But the only flaw that can be pointed out in Barfi, is the sudden shifts of plots from Darjeeling to Kolkata, which happens frequently. There might be a point when you feel the story is emotionally dragging but do not sulk, as the following scenes are not to be missed.

Anurag Basu’s this movie is worth a watch every penny.

Collect your tickets, buy your popcorn, take your seat, relax yourself and then take the sweet ride of Barfi.

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