Puri Jagannadh’s first tryst with Hindi cinema ‘Shart: The Challenge’, starring Tusshar Kapoor and Gracy Singh, was not that a good experience but you can definitely not say the same about his ode to Bollywood’s mega star Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’. Puri tried to bring back the angry young man to the celluloid and he succeeds. He made Bachchan ride the Harley Davidson, speak the youthful lingo, perform action stunts like Akshay Kumar or Sunny Deol and dress up in funky ensembles. Bachchan, with his persona, fits in the character and is definitely a treat to watch. Puri’s ‘Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap’ is Bachchan written on it in bold letters and totally rests on his shoulders.

Viju (Bachchan) is a hitman, a sharp shooter who comes down from Paris to assassinate ACP Karan (Sonu Sood) who is a terror for the Mumbai Mafia. Well, this is what is portrayed but as we proceed towards the interval, there is a welcomed twist in the film, the hidden agenda behind Viju coming down to Mumbai.

The main USP of the film is definitely Mr. Bachchan, whose dialogue delivery and on-screen persona is definitely worth relishing. He fits into the character and gels well with the youth. The film has some innovating dialogues and they become all the more effective when mouthed by Mr. Bachchan. Puri gets out the best from his actors and we totally agree with the compliment he received from RGV, that the way Puri portrayed Bachchan in Bbuddah, RGV could not do in his 6 films.

Sonu Sood was his usual best and plays the shrewd cop with panache. Hema Malini as Viju’s estranged wife was a perfect choice for the role and she does full justice to it. Sonal Chauhan was good but the actress worth commending is definitely Raveena Tandon. The lady is back and how. She plays Viju’s ex-girlfriend with ease. After watching the film we definitely feel that we missed her. Too late a comeback but totally worth it! South Indian sweetheart Charmee was decent enough. Prakash Raj is another reason why one should watch the film. You just can’t help but adore him as an actor.

Some sequences in the film did look a bit cheesy, like using the old song from ‘Naseeb’ for Hemaji and Raveena’s ‘Mast Mast’ song to create humor, as Viju decides on which song he should chose. But others like convincing Tanya’s (Sonal Chauhan) dad for ‘Love Marriage ‘did make a mark. Vishal-Shekhar’s music is foot tapping and the rap song that has Amitji’s old songs put together, will definitely be a hit at pubs and discs.

Puri impresses with his direction and Shekhar’s editing, should be given a special mention. Nowhere would you feel that the film is dragged. Amitabh’s fans definitely would not want to miss this one.
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