Watch it only for the good looks.

Make love and not stories seems like the funda of the youth today, captured pretty well in Chopra's fourth directorial venture 'Befikre'. Everything about the movie is just perfect much like other films that YRF churns out. And who would have been better than the flamboyant Ranveer Singh and the sizzling Vaani Kapur to perfectly emote what the youth today feels. Alas, with too much of perfection, the film falls flat at a very important section, it's plot that does not make much sense.

Chopra focusses on the good looks of his talent and the picturesque locations more than the plot. Much like a blonde who refuses to use her brain, 'Befikre' has no ticks on its story.

Dharam (Singh ) is a Delhi brat, more of a chauvinist who comes to Paris to help revive his friend's bar that running into losses. He meets Shyra (Kapur) and a one night stand leads to a no strings attached relationship,  subsequent break up and then the two end up being just friends.

Singh and Kapur's chemistry is rock solid however does not translate into excellent performances. They look very good and dance effortlessly. However, fail to create magic. The cinematography is beyond brilliant so are the locations.

Liplocks due keep us glued  for some time and the pace is just fine. Dialogues too are entertaining.

Music is already ruling the hearts with 'Nashe di Chadd gai' and 'Ude Dil Befikre' leading the pack. Background score is apt.

Technically, the film is flawless, however it's missing life. The climax is slightly bizarre and not sketched well. Watch this one only for the good looks.

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