Majid Majidi explores the dark side of India through Ishaan and Malavika's jaw-dropping acting prowess.

Written and directed by the academy award winner Majid Majidi, 'Beyond the Clouds' is an intense story of stumbled and jumbled life of a brother and sister from the slum of Mumbai. The two central characters of the film whose acting prowess has sincerely surprised us and the performances are registered deep down in our heart. The story revolves around Amir played by Ishaan Khattar who is a young orphan living all of his life in the filthy slum of Mumbai. He is a small-town drug dealer who delivers cocaine as a good old vendor working in this illegal business for quite long. The middleman in the deal is a brothel owner who backstabs Amir and gives his tip to the police. Soon Amir lands up in an unwanted mess running away with the only packet of cocaine. He reaches the Dhobhighat and allocates the cocaine packet to her sister Tara pleading her to hide it. He is saved by a Dhobi played Goutam Ghose who shelters him with all the messy clothes covering him up. Their life is shaken and gets more messed up as the South Indian Dhobi attempts rape with Tara who knocks his head off in self-defence. She is jailed and the situation says till the Dhobi's testimony is not recorded she would be in the custody. Whereas, if he dies she will be life imprisoned in the same jail.

The rapist dhobi is critical with an oxygen mask on and couldn't speak at all. With all his anger and vain Ishaan tries to take care of this culprit for the sake of her sister. The twist in Ishaan's life occurs when the family of the injured Dhobhi guy meets Ishaan. They are poor and their innocent face asking a lot of questions. Amir who tries his best to ignore them couldn't resist and he shelters the poor family at his dwelling full of pigeons. Now, the maestro Majidi does what he is best at. Depicting those touching child emotions through their cute looking adorable faces. Majidi has masterly portrayed the emotional scenes that would just connect to the audiences in no time. The same goes for Tara who witnesses an ill mother of a son life imprisoned. Tara pit-pats her and looks after the innocent kid developing surreal emotions that brings tears to our eyes. After all, Majidi is the master of child psychology from what it looks like from most of his works. The stand out performers of the film are truly these kids whose screen-time brings a lot of hope in the film's narrative. They have brilliantly acted out their innocent act with smile, silence, tears and confusions. 

Talking about the performances, there are many parts where we get a glimpse of Shahid Kapoor in Ishaan Khatter even his dialogue delivery makes us feel the same. Tara's role was earlier offered to Deepika Padukone who rejected it. Whereas Malavika Mohanan seems to replicate her act from what it looked like. Maybe it looks like that but Malavika is surely grabbing many Bollywood projects after her stellar performance in this film. Majid has crafted kids adolescence and innocence as a spark in Tara and Amir's life which connects us all the time.   

Talking about the technical aspects, Oscar award winner A.R. Rahman has scored the magical music for the film and that's what makes it truly enduring and a film to experience. Majid Majidi has explored the dark side of the city of dreams for which he may be criticized for. However, his direction and the gripping screenplay is the answer to all of them. Why not emphasize the other side of the coin? Director of Photography by Anil Mehta is laudable and some of the continuous difficult shots look cinematically strong. Every angle is shot with sheer brilliance. Film's editing by Hassan Hassandoost is flawless and the narrative is carried splendidly. I found the climax a bit disappointing but Majidi took the realistic approach to finish things off.

Cinema lovers don't you dare miss this.     

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