Only two words for this one: SKIP IT.

Kunal Khemu made a super stunning debut with ‘Kalyug’ and had a few misses post that. His comiC timing as Hardik in ‘Go Goa Gone’ proved his mettle as an actor yet again. His latest outing ‘Bhaag Johnny’ directed by Shivamm Nair is a thriller gone completely wrong with its storyline. It’s confusing, defies logic and shoddily made. The only saving grace of the film is Khemu who couldn’t do much given the bad plot.

Janardan Arora aka Johnny (Kunal Khemu) has been blackmailed by his Boss Ramona Bakshi (Manasi Scott) to kill Tanya (Zoa Morani). While Johnny is in a dilemma, a genie wearing a black overcoat pops out of nowhere to grant him two lives, a positive and a negative one, for three days post which he can decided which one he wants to continue with.

No, it isn’t as easy as it reads. There are multiple twists, permutations and combinations to this which makes the film quite confusing. Nair does try to level down the confusion by splitting the screen to two, but that takes away the viewing pleasure to a certain extent.

Khemu is a good actor and the only thing he needs now is a good script, a good film to work on. Zoa Morani cannot act, she hasn’t changed a bit from her debut ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ and we see nothing promising about her. Mandana Karimi is more like an eye candy with a bikini scene and nothing much to do. Rest of the supporting cast is strictly okay.

Though the Music isn’t bad, the songs are very abrupt and are absolutely deterrent to the flow of the film. Editing is bad. Cinematography okay!

Skip it is the only thing we would advice as the genie too cannot do much to change the fate of this one. 

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