A true winner!

A ‘Biopic’ is always exciting to watch as it is usually about a ‘Hero’ who overcomes hurdles to be a winner. It’s inspiring and is based on real facts. Not many Bollywood movies are based on our unsung sports heroes and director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra makes a brave attempt to present to the audiences the true life story of National Sports hero Milkha Singh.
A victim of India Pakistan partition, like millions, Milkha (Farhan Akhtar) loses his family in the riots that followed. Luckily, he finds his sister (Divya Dutta) who loves him like his own son and raises him despite a discourteous husband. Milkha joins a gang of boys who makes money by stealing coal from the train; however he falls in love and his sweetheart (Sonam Kapoor) urges him to lead a sober life. Milkha joins the army and destiny takes him on the race track where he runs to win ‘India’ blazer and ends up becoming an athlete and sets the world record. 
Making a biopic is a herculean task and extending a helping hand to Mehra is Prasoon Joshi who has penned the story and co-written the screenplay, the duo have beautifully interwoven the past and present scenarios that makes the movie very interesting. Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra has done a stupendous job; the way he has shot the partition and the refugee camp scenes is brilliant. Even though Milkha had a sad past, Mehra portrays him as a jovial boy who loves doing tricks for village kids and always wears a smile. The training and the International sprint scenes are exceptional. Making a period film is just not about creating historic sets, but about taking audiences back in time and Mehra does manage to do that.  
Farhan Akhtar is Milkha Singh every inch in the movie, the actor has worked two long years on this movie and it shows; as never in Bollywood has any actor delivered a performance of this level. Farhan made a promise to Milkha Singh that he would do his best and he has definitely delivered as he is commendable, his chiseled body to athletic posture he gets all the detailing right. Divya Dutta is brilliant as a mother figure. Sonam Kapoor is charming; however she has a very small role. Pawan Malhotra delivers a powerful performance. Yograj Singh as Milkha’s coach is very impactful. Prakash Raj is cute. Australian Actress Rebecca Breeds does a great job. Meesha Shafi as Perizaad has no scope. Art Malik who plays Milkha’s father delivers a powerful act. 
Music of the movie by Shankar Ehsaan Loy compliments the movie perfectly, ‘Zinda hai toh’ is like the anthem, ‘Mera Yaar’ is nice romantic song while ‘Slow Motion Angreza’ is a party song of the 60’s. Director of Photography Binod Pradhan does a marvelous job. Editor P.S. Bharathi could have definitely cut a few portions as the movie is very lengthy.
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is about the triumph of human spirit and one definitely admires the sports legend as he stayed focused despite hardships and made India proud. 
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