Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain: A Poignant, Ethereal And Moving Historical Drama

History of India is adorned with many celebrated victories but it also boasts of the unsung tragedies, these tragedies that we would want to let go and wipe out clean from our memories. One such tragedy is the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, an involuntary event that took the lives of many but which could have been avoided! The film, Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain, by Ravi Kumar caresses the fateful event and enlightens us about the potent issue.

This film certainly deserves a big round of applause for it not only portrays the event appropriately but it does so impeccably within a short span of time. The film has stellar star cast who give stellar performance. The story of the film which is recited from the point of view of a journalist, although involves the poverty stricken life of a peasant, Dilip (Raajpal Yadav), yet spells out the entire catastrophe flawlessly. It competently shows the discrepancies of the authorities, corruption in the Indian government and the negligence of the common man towards an impending misfortune. The film may be part fiction but it delves into the whole issue intricately.

Speaking of the performances, the film has A-list actors from Hollywood like Martin Sheen, Kal Penn, Mischa Barton alongside Indian actors like Raajpal Yadav, Lisa Dwan, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Fagun Thakrar, Satish Kaushik, Joy Sengupta and Vineet Kumar and so the performances delivered are extremely poignant and earthy.

While we don’t believe that such an extraordinary work of art would have had the need for the crutches of tools of commercialization but having seen Indian filmmakers inclining to inculcate the overhyped commercial equipments such as item numbers in a powerful social-drama, we think anything is possible. However, this film is sans the insipid song sequences and we laud the filmmaker for sticking to the story. The film has a strong storyline, well paced script, subtle humor and clever drama. When it comes to the humor and the drama part, it seems natural; at least it is not overdone as is the case with most of the Hindi films. What keeps the audience hooked is the urge to see the tragedy unfold. And with a poised climax like this one we believe the filmmakers ably put forth a masterpiece for the viewers to see. The film gives us much imagery to take back home, those imageries of unscalded innocence and the imageries from aftermath haunt you till the message doesn’t sink in your bones and makes you shiver!

Sometimes you fall short of words when describing a particular magnum opus, this film is certainly that plus invigorating. It is lively and real with a mind-numbing climax and moving act put up by the cast. It gives away a compelling message which can help us, Indians, avoid many such tragedies that might be looming our corridors. This one-of-a-kind film is a must watch despite not being thoroughly an entertainment motion picture.

Move out and go watch this one because it absolutely deserves a perfect 5!

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