Blast from the Past

After waiting for what seems like ages finally prequel of Billa, Billa 2 hit the screens today. 


It is yet again a stylish venture and a script loaded with stunts, twists and of course, Ajith's adrenaline pumping performance. However, minus Ajith, the film’s performance is slightly questionable.


Billa 2’s story does not need much of an introduction; nevertheless, here it is. 


The film begins with a spectacular dialogue by Ajith Kumar, "En vazhkaila ovvuru nodiyum ovvuru nimishamum naane sedhukunadhu" and then begins the story in the past. 


The story revolves around Billa, a Sri Lankan refugee who comes to Rameswaram. After revolting against officials who ill-treat the refugees, Billa, unknowingly, starts smuggling diamonds.


This becomes the starting point of him emerging as a big international don. He is helped in all his endeavors by his good friend Ranjith (Yog Japee)


How he rises as an unquestionable dictator of the deadly underworld is the crux of the story.


While the story runs on a traditional action film’s line, there are a lot of aspects that make the film different from a traditional action film.


For starters, Ajith Kumar takes the movie to a completely different level. He speaks less and performs more. But, whenever he speaks, comes a bang on dialogue. In the climax helicopter fight scene, Ajith manages to give goose bumps to his fan.


There is no much scope for the heroines, who nevertheless have give what is expected from them in an action film. Parvathy appears as Ajith’s niece while Bruna Abdullah is the concubine of dons. Others in the cast fit well to their characters and are convincing enough.


The dialogues are filled with punches and are bound to keep ringing in your head for days. However, one should not forget that who is saying the dialogue makes a huge difference.


Yuvanshankar Raja scores big time in his background score, but his songs are letdown. Stunts by Rajasekar and cinematography by R D Rajasekhar are the movie's biggest strengths.


Chakri Toleti has made his presence felt once again. While one cannot move his eyes from the screen while Ajith is performing, it becomes a little difficult to see the film with the same interest in his absence. 


All in all the film is a must watch, for prequels in India are a rare sight. Only if there was the X-Factor they promised the film would undeniably be a legend. 

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