Bodyguard is the typical Masala Salman movie + subtle hints of the good old Salman...    

"Wo Kahawat to suni hogi- Bachne waalon ko Harbaar Naseeb ki Jarurat hoti hai aur Maarne waalon ko sirf ek Bar", "Mujhpe ek Ehsaan karna, ki mujhpe koi ehsaan na karna..." You will hear these and many such innovative, invented kahawats (sayings) and dialogues in the movie... On knowing this you must be thinking- ‘It is all about Salman and an outright mass entertainer'... ‘Must be like Dabangg and Ready'... Well, if that is what you are thinking you are in for a surprise because Bodyguard is not just about Salman. 

‘Bodyguard' directed by Siddique is the remake of the Malayalam movie Bodyguard. And this Bollywood version definitely brings the southern flavor to it with all its manic stunts and action. But unlike Dabangg and Ready, Bodyguard is not just about Salman Khan. 
The story is simple- An honest, down-to-earth bodyguard, Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) gets the job (oops, I mean duty, kyunki Bodyguard kabhi bhi job nahi, duty karta hai, duty matlab kartavya aur hum apne kartavya se kabhi peeche nahi hatt te...) to protect Divya (Kareena Kapoor). Divya gets irritated because of his continuous surveillance and decides to distract him with the help of a fake lover- Chaya. But in this process, she actually falls in love with Lovely Singh. Love ALWAYS Triumphs....Always...that is the Bollywood rule for Love and that's what happens in their case. Once his duty is over, we jump a few years ahead in time, i.e. to the present (the movie is in flashback) where he is returning with his son, to his Maalik, Divya's father Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar). The movie takes a very interesting twist in between and ends up reminding you of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, DDLJ, etc... Especially the end, where his son fulfills his mother's wishes, is like a Deja vu (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai type story). 
It is not just flashy clothes and flashy songs like Salman's previous movies but this one attempts at being a family entertainer. Salman looks excellent in the movie, with his build, his style, his clothes...he is charming. But it is not just about marketing or promoting brand- Salman...Salman's character and role in the movie reminds us of his good old days- with minimal over-acting. He is his old self, the cute, romantic chocolate boy for a while. Kareena Kapoor is alright; she looks pretty and acts like she always does. Hazel Keech, as the ‘twist' in the story is pretty, she doesn't have much scope but her screen presence is pleasant. Raj Babbar is good and it is nice to have him back after a long time. Aditya Pancholi is excellent; he is a much better villain than an actor in the lead. Mahesh Manjerekar, the bad man and Rajat Rawail as Tsunami were not required at all. 
Himesh's music is superb. It is refreshing and heart-warming. The direction is also impressive and the stunt scenes are definitely over-the-top but like I said, they are a reminder that it is originally a movie from down south. Salman is set to compete with Ajay's Singham-style but whatever it is the Rajini-style action is making the Bollywood heroes crazy (in a good, fun way). 
Overall, the movie is entertaining, funny, quirky... Brainless to a lot of extent (obviously, after all it is a Salman movie). So, for those who prefer masala to the minimum, it won't be a fun time. But, many people go and watch such movies only and only for Salman and he never disappoints them. So a review, or no review, if you are still going to watch Bodyguard, well...Enjoy! 
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