Cute and worth watching!

Abhay (Imran Khan) and Aaliyah (Deepika Padukone) are childhood sweethearts. She is proactive and ambitious and he is confused and hasn't figured out what he wants to do in life. The problem starts when Aaliyah shifts to Australia for higher studies and Abhay starts to feel insecure about her being so far away from him. He soon follows her and lands up in Australia and an impulsive fight leads to their breakup. Abhay then decides to check-in as Aaliyah's neighbor in the hope of winning her love back.


The first half of the film is a bit slow but picks-up in the second half with some some very tongue-in-cheek dialogues which add some spark and humor to the otherwise predictable plot. While Abhay and Aaliya have parted with their relationship, they still live under the same roof of a beach house, in different rooms along with Nadia (Shahana Goswami), the landlord and Cyrus (Yudhistr Urs), the horny clown-cum-restaurateur. In their respective roles, Cyrus adds the required comic relief while Nadia offers the much-needed mature advice. And this is the part of the movie that strikes gold with everything coming together in a very nice way. Abhay and Aaliya do a great job of ignoring each other and diligently invest themselves in their passions. While Aaliya finds herself in theatre, Abhay dabbles with half a dozen odd jobs to eventually get a kick out of cooking. Abhay's telephonic confidante and divorced aunt Pammi (Lilette Dubey) brews up some rather witty one-liners while counseling her nephew. While Aaliya's mother, Ayesha (Sharmila Tagore) is too practical to offer any advice that her daughter wouldn't care for.


The screenplay is brisk and respects the audiences' level of intelligence and attention. The music is beautiful but doesn't make or break the film. The multiple shades of blue make the Aussie waters (actually very cleverly shot in Mauritius), every cinematographer's fantasy and a rather convincing tourist proposition.


How the story concludes is no surprise but this film proves an important point. Despite a predictable end and an obvious plot, relatable characters and the style of story-telling can actually make an otherwise predictable love story into a rather interesting and pleasurable cinematic experience.


A cute movie which will often make you smile and in my opinion, definitely worth a watch.


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