It doesn't deserve a watch...

Actor Jagapathy Babu has been doing family oriented movies and rarely goes for action based movies. In recent times, he has taken up such action based movies and is indeed doing well with them. He has now come up with "Chattam", a movie that showcases the full-fledged action of Jagapathy Babu.


Gowrishankar (Jagapathi Babu) is a practical police inspector who is corrupt and takes bribes. When entangled in an acid attack case and kidnapping of a girl, the story takes a twist with a terrorist Habib and a few criminals who are killed. CBCID official Murali Sharma tries to unfold the mystery behind the death of the criminals and the terrorist. The rest of the story is about who killed the criminals and what their connection with Gowrishankar is.


What makes the movie "Chattam" more interesting is the performance of Jagapathi Babu himself. He takes on the role of a police officer with an ease and emotes in an unstrained manner. His body language and expressions are so good. Vimala Raman gets a purely commercial heroine's role in this movie. As the actress is running out of offers, she has made it a point to take up any offers coming her way. She is really disappointing in this movie. Having played some challenging roles in her previous films, this is not we expect from her.


When it comes to the storyline, there is nothing brewing here as we have come across similar movies many a time. The film makes it a point of gaining sympathy for the police department, has blended it with the suspense element for the sake of drama. The twists in the second half are quite good. The director fails to proceed with the rest of the storyline with a good approach. The comic sequences in the movie are ridiculous and the director could have better avoided it. The cinematography is too average and doesn't look like the cinematographer has taken the project seriously. Vimala Raman doesn't suit the glamour role and the costumes are gaudy.


The biggest mistake with the movie is that the director himself is quite confused between handling the script as an entertainment and message-conveying effort. On the whole, "Chattam" is a below average movie that doesn't deserve a watch.


Verdict: Not worth watching


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