'Chef' is an appetizing journey full of tempting cuisines and exotic locations.

Raja Menon doesn't disappoint us at all with this appetizing dosage which is an official remake of Jon Favreau's 'Chef'. The movie is a true treat for travellers and food lovers across the world. Don't miss this delicious beauty as Saif Ali Khan serves us with a mettle of alluring dishes that's just gonna make you hungry. This is a slice of life film that revolves around the character of Roshan Kalra played by Saif Ali Khan who is a three-star professional head-chef.However, unfortunately gets fired from his job after punching a customer during his duty hours. The circumstances gives him the much deserving break from his hectic life. 

With an intension of spending some quality time with his son he flies down to Kochi. There onwards begins a notorious father-son relationship as Armaan played by Svar Kamble just holds a perfect relationship of a child. Moreover, Roshan is now a single father previously got divorced from her ex-wife Radha Menon played by Padmapriya (a Kathak dance teacher by profession) who still admires him for what he is. It's a breathtaking journey discovering the delicacies and places through a food truck named Raasta-Cafe which completely involves the audiences through a legit exploring adventure.

Dhanish Karthik plays a supporting role of Shahid Ahmed a humble Bengali friend of Roshan who joins him on his journey. Here is a surprising cameo of Milind Soman who plays an influencing role of suggesting a food truck business which is actually a real fresh idea in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, the conclusion is a self-realization decision of choosing happiness over money, family over his profession and peace of mind at the first place.

The only dialogue that can be remembered from the film is Roshan Karla's self-realizing and speaking his heart out, ''Kaam, kaam se pyaar, pyaar se kaam mein kahi pyar toh reh he gaya, voh bhi karna hai.''    

The songs of the film are like different flavours of the cuisines. It totally blends with the travelling visuals of the food truck journey. 'Shugal Laga Le' composed and sung by Raghu Dixit is a celebration soundtrack that makes us groove on its beat. Another crisp song is Vishal Dadlani sung song 'Banjara' which does magic with the music of Raghu Dixit and visuals of father and son exploring the exotic locations on their road trip. Another song is 'Darmiyaan' again composed and sung by Raghu Dixit appears at the start of the film when Roshan is quiet upset on getting fired. Next track 'Khoya Khoya' is a slow alternative song crooned by Shahid Mallya that shows the transition of past days of the couple. Finally, adding on to some romantic flavours in the film is the song 'Tan Tan' sung by Nikhita Gandhi which has the husband and ex-wife performing Salsa.

The locations are exotic beginning right away from New York, taking the South Indian route of Kochi and unleashing its mangroves through a boat ride. Many South Indian locations along with Goa and Delhi's Canaught place are covered in this soulful travel film.

Director of Photography Priya Seth does a splendid job in capturing the beauty of the cuisines right away from the raw cooking stage. Even the eye-pleasing locations are so beautifully captured with various angles. So just an honest suggestion. The film is a true treat for travel and food lovers so don't you dare miss this delicious beauty.

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