A complete mass entertainer!

Shahrukh-Deepika pairing worked wonders in 'Om Shanti Om' and after a gap of 4 years the duo is paired together by director Rohit Shetty who is known for action-comedies. All eyes are set to see if the duo can repeat the same success they attained as Om and Shanti.
Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) is raised by his grandparents as he loses his parents in a car accident at the age of eight. While Rahul never misses his mom and dad, what he does miss on is freedom. A reason why he feels he is set free when his grandfather passes away. Rahul is headed to Rameshwaram to fulfil his grandfather's last wish and ends up meeting Meenamma (Deepika Padukone). Rahul tries to help Meenamma, but later discovers she is the daughter of a don and ends up getting in big trouble.
Rohit Shetty's direction is outstanding as he makes you go 'wow'. The action and the fight sequences are very well directed, especially the 'clash finale'. But as expected, the plot is half baked and the film turns out to be another mindless mass masala entertainer.
Screenplay by Yunus Sajaawal needed to be tighter. Story by K Subhaash is quite interesting but keeps going in circles after a point. Cinematography by Dudley is fascinating as the movie looks picture perfect. Editor Steven Bernard has done a good job. Vishal-Shekhar's music is in sync with the movie.
Shah Rukh Khan gives his soul to the film and it's quite visible. He is charming and his larger than life antics are sure to entertain you. This one is a treat for SRK fans as Rohit takes you down memory lane giving references to his films, 'DDLJ' and 'My name is Khan'
Deepika Padukone's Tamil accent is heart-winning. She looks fab even in the South Indian Pattu saree, probably the only Indian actress who looked sexy in one. A perfect cast for this role, in fact she is the scene stealer.
Sathyaraj is great as Deepika's father in the movie, he has the right expressions and poise. Nikitin Dheer as Tangaballi is great and has the physique and looks required for the role. 
'Chennai Express' is not path breaking cinema, but a normal family entertainer that has mass appeal. The only drawback is the language barrier as too much Tamil has been spoken and everyone won't be able to connect with the concept. 
However, for all SRK fans who have waited for almost a year, this is a treat and 'Eid' promises a big opening. 
Overall, 'Chennai Express' is a fun ride. 
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