All Good Things come in small packages...

So many movies claim to take you back to your childhood, your college days and promise to make you nostalgic. So many movies claim that they are funny, when actually they are either so un-funny that you want to tear out your hair or they are so disgusting that they will make you laugh but not in a very 'happy, innocent' way. Chillar Party, directed by Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari doesn't fall under either of the above categories, as it doesn't make any claims yet delivers the unspoken promise of entertainment with high quality.

The first look of the movie actually leaves an impression on us that it is a movie just for the chillar party (kids' movie) but on watching the actual movie, you realize that it is in fact a superb entertainer for your entire family and that too after a long time. Salman Khan has chosen the perfect movie to promote his Being Human campaign.

A gang of carefree, innocent and spirited kids (not-so-)fondly called by the society members of Chandan Nagar Society , the "Chillar Party", lead a normal life of playing, name-calling, making fun of people, etc... They often have "urgent" meetings to discuss some really "important" problems (what to do about the dog that poops on their cricket pitch or who will be the captain of their team or who will go and talk to Fatka, etc...) and the most important aim in their life is to win at least one match against the 'over-sized' kids of the neighboring colony. They are unaware that their life is about to take a different course with the entry of Fatka (Irrfan Khan) and Bheedu (the dog).

Fatka is the new car-washer for the society members but for these kids, he is just another kid with a dog (read: more poop). Chillar Party's "urgent meeting" comes to the conclusion that Fatka and Bheedu must go, for them to have their own space but after all Fatka is just a child and so are they and it is easy for children to forgive each other (unlike us and our big fat egos). Thus, Chillar Party gets two new members and they live happily ever after (at least that is what we expect from a children's movie); but many more bigger and better problems are about to come. The problem is absolutely filmy (a minister has no better job than to take revenge on kids for scaring his PA). The minister, Bhide (Shashank Shende) passes a law to get rid of the stray dogs without an NOC (no objection certificate). Chillar Party decides to fight against the minister to save their friend Bheedu (Doggy). Do they win? Do they lose? Will Bheedu stay or will he have to go?

The movie deals with multiple issues at one time, like child labour, problems of stray dogs, politics & corruption, media & breaking news, values, loopholes in law (Adults cannot hire child labours, but nowhere does the law say a child cannot hire a child- says Encyclopedia i.e Sanath Menon), campaigning, etc... Too many issues in one movie makes you wonder what the essence of the movie actually was but Chillar Party has dealt with all the issues so well and with such finesse that it is definitely commendable. What is more, the directors have made sure that the children are not shown over smart (talking like adults, as if they know more than them) and yet have captured a certain level of smartness combined with innocence. Although there are messages in the movie, they are very subtly placed and do not sound preachy or boring.

The first half loses its pace at times and becomes slow. Some jokes and funny incidents are over played to some extent but all this can be excused with the much interesting and funnier second half. The music is also superb and you don't even realise when you start singing along. The movie is longer compared to the movies that have been coming recently but surprisingly not once do you look at your watch.

More than anything and anyone, the Chillar Party's chillars deserve more praises and a standing ovation for their excellent performances. Jhangiya is the best, he was the show stealer. each and every young actor including Encyclopedia (Sanath Menon), AkramRohan Grover), Jhangiya (Naman Jain), Aflatoon (Aarav Khanna), Second Hand (Vishesh Tiwari), Panauti (Chinmai Chandranshuh), Silencer (Vedant Desai), Shaoulin (Divji Handa) and Toothpaste Sherya Sharma), deserves full marks for reinstating our belief that comedy can be innocent just like them...those who hate dogs and kids will definitely have a change of heart after this movie. Watch the movie to have the time of your life!

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