'Coffee with D' is nothing but a snooze fest.

Ok so there had to be a movie on Arnab Goswami as he is such a national sensation and the makers of Coffee with D did set out to pay him a perfect tribute with a potentially good plot in hand, it's a very very bad execution that got in the way and spoiled the fun.

Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) is a journalist not as flamboyant as Goswami yet on the same track. However, his antics are not appreciated by his boss who wants to take the prime time slot away from him, if he doesn't produce really good TRP increasing "Dhamaka" next. His pregnant wife Parul (Anjana Sukhani) gives him an idea of interviewing the DON to reach his target.

The first half of the film completely revolves around how Ghosh sets up his live interview with D, for which he has a writer and cookery show host flaunting her assets (played by Dipannita Sharma) and two men in his crew. The second half is the live TV interview that was supposed to be very edge of the seat entertaining, but terribly fails to make an impact.

Grover is a good actor and we know that. He also sincerely tries to play his part, only if the makers were as sincere. The leading ladies sleep walk in the film, doing nothing much concrete. Hussain and his side kicks are more of caricatures than actors, pity since we have seen Hussain perform well earlier.   

Since the film is miserable when it comes to the production values as well, it doesn't have much chance of sailing well despite poor content alike others that we have seen earlier. There's no much to write home about this one but reiterating that 'Coffee with D' is nothing but a snooze fest. We go for a one and a half star for this one and that half is strictly for Grover's sincere efforts. Skip it totally and you will bless us.

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