A must see for all audiences, especially the Masala-Film Fans of the Bygone Era. 

The eternal conflict between the good and the evil has been the favorite plot of 100's of Bollywood Films of the 1970s, 1980s and part of the 1990's as well. Most of us who were born in the 60's and 70's Era have grown up watching these movies and cheering & clapping in the audience when finally, in the climax scene, the Hero a.k.a. the Good Guy gives the Baddie, the thrashing of a lifetime and in the end, Good conquers over Evil. These hardcore Masala films, as they were known, were truly cherished and thoroughly enjoyed by all audiences then, as well as now.DABANGG is one such super-masala Bollywood movie of the 21st century which takes this genre of films, many steps further with its super slick action scenes, special effects and of course, the Super Hero and the Darling of the masses, in this case, the dynamic, the funny and the action-packed - Salman Khan.

The entire movie is set in Uttar Pradesh where Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), a self-proclaimed Robin Hood is a Corrupt yet fearless Cop who has faced a bitter childhood. His real Father passed away when he was very young, after which his mother (Dimple Kapadia) re-married Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). They also have a son Makhanchan (Arbaaz Khan). Prajapati always favors Makhanchan, which truly irks Chulbul. His mother however consoles him by reminding him that his brother is quite brainless and that he is the older and wiser brother. Chulbul decides to take control of his own destiny and disassociates himself from his step-father and half-brother. His only connection and bond to this family, is his mother. However, after his mother's tragic demise, he breaks ties with his step-father and half-brother and goes on to live separately in his own pad, given to him by the Government . From here onwards, Rajo [Sonakshi Sinha], comes into his life and he feels emotions like he has never felt before, which turns his life upside down. Chulbul, in spite of his macho attitude and tough upbringing, starts to feel the pangs of love and romance and slowly but surely starts to see life in a more positive manner.At this point, the Evil takes over in the form of the notorious local Neta, Cheddi Singh [Sonu Sood], who is a corrupt, ruthless wheeler-dealer, money-hungry and amongst other things, runs an illicit liquor business.Cheddi Singh makes use of Makhanchan to create a severe conflict between the 2 brothers and ropes him into his own gang to perform acts of brutality and arson.


However, better late than never, Makhanchan realizes that he has been used and turns to Chulbul. S. Vijayan's stunts are simply wild and Sajid-Wajid's music suits the movie to add with an additional song by Lalit Pandit. The movie kicks-off with a fight in which Salman is his usual super-hero self and takes-on an entire gang of hoodlums with aplomb. The climax of the movie also is a fight-to-the-finish, with Cheddi Singh being eliminated after a huge fist-to-fist with Chulbul. Both these scenes will truly send the masses in total frenzy, especially in the finale fight, when Salman's shirt starts to tear apart and his rippling muscles and bare-chest begins to emerge.Director Abhinav Singh Kashyap has done a fantastic job in putting together a super-entertainer with a vintage formula. The dialogues, especially Chulbul's "Mein Itne Chhed Karunga" will be greeted by the masses with hysteria, clapping and roars of cheers.


DABANGG is definitely another landmark film in Salman's career after his last Super-hit Wanted and another major feather in his cap. Even Arbaz does a Super job as Makhanchan and Malaika, who puts in a special appearance in the Munni track is sizzling hot and shakes her hips in a way that would put any born & bred Turkish Belly Dancer to shame.Sonakshi Sinha looks acts confidently and convincingly well and Salman and She come off as a good pair on-screen. Sonu Sood is amazingly impressive and is a good match for Salman in the movie, especially in the finale fight, which is simply awesome.Vinod Khanna is excellent in his limited role and Dimple Kapadia makes a truly wonderful mother. Anupam Kher is, always good and so is Om Puri both of whom, did not have too much of a part in this film. However, Mahesh Manjrekar is under-utilized with a very limited role which doesn't give him ample scope to show his brilliant talent as an actor. Mahi Gill is downright cute.


In conclusion, DABANGG is a super-entertainer and will definitely open huge, breaking previous box-office records for its opening week. As far as business is concerned, the film is likely to set new records and I'm sure the Producers and Distributors will be a very happy and contented lot with their coffers filled, as this film definitely has Blockbuster written all over it.I'm very sure that all Salman fans and fans of Masala Films of the Bygone Era will not just see this film once, but many times over. DABANGG comes to the moviegoer with a lot of expectations and I'm sure that it will live up to them all and you will leave the theatre totally delighted, thrilled, satiated and gratified.

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