Not a comedy but it is unintentionally funny...

When someone makes movies just to fulfill their desires to act, direct, etc... they shouldn't show it to the public, they should make it and watch it themselves. Damadamm, directed by Swapna Waghmare is a film made for Himesh Reshamiya just because maybe he wants to act (Read: try to act) and it shouldn’t have been made public…seriously!


The story is about a young guy who is successful in his career and has a girlfriend he loves since the past five years. He loves her but this possessive, crazy girlfriend leaves him seeking out for something different, maybe for a change or even a break up. The couple is soon going to get married and before that the girl goes to her hometown for a while. This gives him a chance to look around, do a little "bird-watching". Suddenly a new girl enters. She is beautiful, smart and completely opposite to his girlfriend. Things turn upside down when his girlfriend returns and accuses him of having an affair with this beautiful new colleague. A breakup, a new relationship, a new beginning… So many things change in our hero’s life. But will it work? Can anyone erase the memory of a loved one of five years in just a few minutes?


The story is completely typical but it is well put worth I must say. Purbi Joshi as the nagging girlfriend and Sonal Sehgal as the other girl are perfect and have done a good job. Himesh Reshammiya is hilarious not as an actor but because he fails miserably to act. The songs of the movie- Umrao Jaan and Madhushala are peppy and fun to listen to but again our actor cum singer’s expressions in the songs will make you laugh out loud.


Overall, the movie is worth watching because you can laugh at it and not laugh because it is meant to be funny. So watch it if you have time to spare and are in the mood to poke fun at others. 

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