'Dangal' is what 2016 really needed!

When Aamir Khan accompanied his two gorgeous interns Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra at a popular chat show, the girls mentioned that they have no personal life and 'Dangal' is all that they think, breathe and eat. Well, to make a film such as this, we think their dedication definitely paid off. But then everything or every film that Khan puts his hands into, he turns them to gold. He truly seems to follow the phrase, if you are doing something, give it the best you have or don't do it. The team's dedication is inspiring and so is the film about a Haryanvi patriarch who turns into a women rights advocate.

Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) is a former wrestler who gives up his dreams and takes up a government job to support his family. His only desire now, as any father would have, is to have his son fulfill his dreams of winning Gold for India. As destiny would have it, he has four daughters. A brawl at the village that has his daughters beat up a few boys ignites within him the fire of training his daughters to fulfill his dream. After all, whether the son gets it or the daughter, Gold is Gold.

The first half of the film beautifully portrays the rise or the blooming of national champions, both Geeta and Babita Phogat, played exceptionally well by Zaira and Suhani when they were kids and Fatima and Sanya as the present ones. The girls give in their heart and soul to the film much like their mentor Khan. Khan, words are less to describe the perfection he brings to his role. He doesn't let his stardom affect Phogat, portrays him as real as it can get. You relate to all the stages of his life, cry, stress, worry, laugh and get angry with him. You see yourself rooting for him throughout the film. There is a bit of a blur toward the climax where Phogat sees his own daughter Geeta opposing him and you wonder if Phogat really is right or not, but throughout the film, Phogat has convinced you enough to do that.

The supporting cast including Girish Kulkarni, Aparshakti Khurana, Sakshi Tanwar and others have shorter roles but are equally good as the leads and leave no stones unturned to not let the film down. They succeed and a lot of credit for this has to be given to Tiwari and his vision of making a film that not just touches hearts but inspires as an emotional sports drama. The impact is on point and 'Dangal' is what 2016 really needed, since this wasn't such a good year for the movies.

Music of the film is not given much of a prominence; however the title song, crooned by Daler Mehndi does give you goose bumps, much like his earlier renditions. The cinematic value, photography is superior. Yes the film has its flaws. It feels a little bit of a drag and falls flat at certain moments, but we are happy to ignore them, not because their hasn't been a good film in a while and certainly not because of Aamir Khan, but for what the team brings forth is totally worth it. Go for it.         

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