Dangerous Ishhq is a 'Dangerous Risk'

After the disastrous offer 'Hate Story', Vikram Bhatt’s Dangerous Ishhq was in the list of movies with high hopes. The movie that was to mark the much awaited comeback of Karisma Kapoor after the failure of her previous 'Baaz' (2003). But has she made it big like expected? Or did she make a big mistake?


'Dangerous Ishhq' tells the story of supermodel Sanjana (Karisma Kapur) and Rohan (Rajaneesh Duggal), son of a business tycoon who are on the verge of tying the knot. Sanjana’s life is upturned when her fiancé is kidnapped. Tattered by the tragedy in her life, Sanjana is confused and that is when she starts getting visions which leads her to save the love of her life.


Karisma Kapoor has indeed proved it again that she indeed is a path-breaking actress, only that she could have chosen a better movie. Vikram Bhatt has explored her potential well enough to prove that she can be a threat to the other leading ladies in the industry. Rajaneesh Duggal and Jimmy Shergil give decent performances as the tragic lover and the tough cop. 


But guess that was not enough to impress the audience.


The screenplay fails to grasp the attention and is let loose at most instances. The script with non-impressive dialogues put the audience down in terms of interest and attention. The story is dragged unnecessarily which asserted the audience to long for the movie to end. Himesh Reshammiya’s musical contribution is also unimpressive.


You can watch Dangerous Ishhq ‘only’ if you like Karisma Kapoor and only if you do not have anything else to watch. 

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