Just worth a once watch.

There are valid reasons why expectations are high from 'Dear Zindagi'.
1. We haven't seen a good heartwarming film since a long time
2. Acting powerhouses SRK and Alia are coming together for a film for the first time.
3. Gauri Shinde's 'English Vinglish' remains close to many hearts for bringing out the story of many middle aged women whose pleases remain hidden or unspoken.

'Dear Zindagi' speaks of one such issue that is very important to speak about but unfortunately this time around Shinde gives in to adding glamour and touching more than one topic and losing the grip to the plot.

The film starts on a very promising note talking about the story of an enterprising young modern woman who appears to be getting everything right in her life but that's just on the surface. Inside she's dealing with issues and a charming shrink played by Shah Rukh Khan helps her deal with them.

The problem with Dear Zindagi is that it takes a lot of time to come to the point. The first half seems too dragged and irrelevant. The second half and SRK though more than make up for it.  The film focusses more on the life lessons that we need to imbibe in our life but had it only stressed on one lesson it would have come out stronger.

The dialogues though are good an overdose makes them too preachy at times. Music is very soothing and stays with you for a while. Cinematography is an ace here, infact amongst the bestest parts of the film. You will fall in love with Goa all over again.

'Dear Zindagi' would have worked better if it was little shorter and focussed, as it is SRK fans should definitely watch him in a different avatar, playing his age. Otherwise, it's not a must watch, just worth a once watch.

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