If sleaze makes you laugh then Yes, it is funny...

"Oh God! Today's generation!"... "Completely under the influence of western culture"... "Angrez chale gaye, ye sab chod gaye..." and so on, is what you will get to hear if a middle-aged woman is asked to describe her 'Delhi Belly' experience. On the other hand, ask any youngster, and she/he will describe the very same movie with an inappropriate amount of cuss words (even though they want to say it is good), just like in the movie.

There was so much hype and so much hullaballoo around Delhi Belly, obviously taking your expectations to an unknown (considering it's an experimental film and one of its kind) and an amazing height. It being an Aamir Khan production, is pre-determined to be a blockbuster hit but that doesn't mean they can get away with making a sleazy, full of slang, slapstick and extremely explicit movie.

The movie revolves around three friends cum room mates (It is the season of Boys special movies- first 'Dil toh Bachcha hai', then 'Pyaar ka Punchanama' and now this one), Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) . Their lives are a complete mess (in Tashi's girlfriend's eyes) and their bachelor pad, which is a completely weak, pathetically old and rusty house, is the proof of it. In spite of their poor way of living, Tashi and Arup have managed to get pretty, rich girlfriends and all three of them have good but unsatisfactory jobs. Their lives are messy (in a dirty way) till now but one package changes their lives entirely (chota package, bada dum). Sonia (Shenaz Treasuryvala), Tashi's girlfriend is...umm...I am guessing, an air hostess, since she keeps going to the airport. She is responsible for delivering a packet secretly, as a favor to her friend. Unable to comprehend the intensity of the situation (I guess she hasn't seen the old Hindi smuggling movies), she puts off the work and gives it to Tashi to make the delivery. After this the packet becomes a part of a 'passing the parcel' game and in a mix-up something else (please don't make me describe what it is) gets delivered. This is followed by a crazy chase aptly describing the "Bhaag DK Bose song". Meanwhile, Tashi who is set to get married to Sonia suddenly meets this stunning, intelligent journalist Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan). This leads to additional confusion to the already existing one.

The amount of confusion running through our minds, is the same as the amount of confusion and twists in the movie. The best part of the movie is, in spite of having many underlying meanings and indirect attacks on girlfriends, women, Delhi culture, bachelor life etc..., that, nowhere has it been overplayed and thus director Abhinay Deo has managed to keep the movie non-stereotypical. The story actually is one of the most ordinary stories ever (it is inspired from the 80's movies, just like the Disco songs are inspired from the Mithoon Da era). There cannot be too many new stories but the way you tell the story is important; and that is what is offbeat about this movie; the treatment of the story.

The actors have done an excellent job in showing the 'Nukkad ke Bhukkad'. Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapur have outshone. Imran Khan's character is once again a guy-with-a-blank-face and hence, it suits him perfectly. The rest of the cast is pretty good. The dialogues and the dialogue delivery appear so spontaneous, as if the things on-screen are actually unfolding in front of our eyes.

A tight screenplay and excellent script have made the film crisp and to the point (although the duration is just about 96 minutes and the scenes are woven tightly together, the story is slow paced and drags a little bit). The director and the writer have made sure that the jokes are not written, spoken and underlined; they are in fact, 'to be understood'. The super hit songs of the movie which have been creating such a hype, are only included so far as the background score goes. This will be rather disappointing.

Although there are so many pluses in the movie, it is not for everyone. In fact due to its language usage and English as the language barrier, they have carved out a niche audience for their movie. A very deep influence of the English adult films is seen here and so much explicit and on-the-face cheap jokes, will shock you to the core. If you like Russell Peters, you will love the movie (This movie is more Indian than he can ever be). The movie, which has received an A certificate, should actually get a Triple-A. The Hindi version which is considered to be much milder than the version which I saw (mostly only English with a little bit of Hindi sprinkled here and there), is predominantly filled with cuss words.

I know, that is the way guys talk amongst themselves (using expletives even to show their love for each other) but showing so much reality on the large screen becomes too much to digest and might give you a Delhi Belly (if you didn't already know, it means an upset stomach). So be careful before deciding to go for 'Delhi Belly', as it is not a movie for the ones with weak stomachs.

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