'Dhanak' touches that small little corner in ones heart.

Be it 'Dor', 'Iqbal' or 'Aashayein', Nagesh Kukunoor films have always touched sensitive social issues thus striking a chord with niche audience. 'Dhanak' too touches that small little corner in ones heart and does that pretty well. With a heartwarming plot, earnest performances by innocent little stars, you will not regret watching this one.

Set in Rajasthan 'Dhanak' is about a little girl Pari (Hetal Gadda) whose naïve love for his idol Shah Rukh Khan makes her believe that the superstar who she saw on the poster of an eye donation drive can help her keep her promise to her younger brother Chhotu (Krrish Chhabria) of getting his eye sight back before his 9th birthday. The brother-sister duo leave for a road journey to fulfill their dream all alone and meet people, some weird, some nice, tackle a sand storm and have many heartwarming adventures on the way.

Kukunoor got the most important part of the film right, THE LEAD ACTORS. Gadda and Chhabria's endearing performance forms the soul of the film. Their continuous chatter and mannerisms are nothing but adorable. While the girl complete nails her part, Kukunoor needed to help the boy a little more with his body language.

Talking about the technical aspects, Rajasthan looks nice but a little extra made up. The film is shot well and the background score helps with the flow. The tunes that the kids hum are soothing and a perfect addition to an at-times gloomy screenplay. So the film has it flaws but nothing that cannot be ignored.

All in all, 'Dhanak' is a good watch if you are looking for spending a nice afternoon with your friends and family. It takes you to an interesting journey in a poised manner teaching you a lesson or two about life. A road film different from the ones that we have  already seen in Bollywood, so go for it.

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