Taapsee and Saqib's presence saves this same old plot film.

Helmed by debutant Aleya Sen, 'Dil Juunglee' is a modern-day reality check movie ending up exactly as the goddamn cliche Bollywood plotline. The film starts off well but ends up being the same old drama of love and break-up and how a non-settled guy is not ready to take up the responsibility. Well, Taapsee as Koroli is a girl every guy would want to marry. Post break-up from a fat looking robust guy, she chooses to work as a full-time English teacher in a university. There she meets Sumit played Saqib Saleem, an inspiring gym head trainer who does TV commercials for his living and wants to make it to Bollywood some day. Koroli comes from a rich family background born and bought up in London burdened by the expectations of her millionaire dad.

Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem's chemistry is truly enduring and they both are a joy to watch. But the same old storyline doesn't work every time. Tested by the situations and not stepping up to save Koroli while she is drowning as Sumit is Aquaphobic and fears deep water since childhood. The messy situation makes him scold Koroli as well and the new couple decides to cut off the wedding as she senses Sumit doesn't love him.

Overall, the supporting cast who were the newbie Youtubers actually made us feel their presence with their quirkiness. Well, in this 21st century how often do you see someone going against the wedding because of the 'Manglik dosh' scenario. Koroli returns to London with her dad and seven years down the line she meets Sumit by fate. Sumit works for a television soap and the entire crew is taken back to London. Koroli and Sumit meet once again and both in their respective relationships. However, they decide to spend some time together, followed by typical cliche ending that brings them together. 

Everything is predictable when we evaluate the storyline although its screenplay is fresh and majestic at times, lack of newness doesn't hold back the audience expectations.

The songs from the film clearly shine. Begining with the song titled 'Nachle Na' which brings out the party animal of the geeky Koroli but is taken well care of by this student Sumit Uppal. This Guru Randhawa and Neeti Mohan number make us groove at its beats keeping us hooked to its peppy party visuals. The next song 'Gazab Ka Hai Din' is one from Koroli and Sumit's reunion in London enjoying lively moments together after so long. They are smiling, laughing, dancing and falling in love with one another with a sense of de ja vu. Jubin Nautiyal and Prakriti Kakar's voice gives a lot of soul and enigma to this travel song.

The film's screenplay could have been better and enticing as well. Aleya Sen could have neglected the idea of being too crucial giving a different climax to this storyline. Cinematography by Amol Rathod is above average and some fun moments montage has been wonderfully shot. Anupamey Sawale has laid down those typical Delhi lanes apartments and the ending destination wedding scene that we might have seen in some Adam Sandler movie is quite a deliberate effort to attempt us.

Overall the movie is not that bad but too cliche for the audiences those seek newness.    

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