Masala Entertainer it is this weekend then. Go for it.

Dishoom is an action adventure film directed by Rohit Dhawan. It is a story about a top Indian batsman (Saqib Saleem) being kidnapped a few days before an important match with Pakistan. Yeah you heard that right 'Pakistan.' Nowadays Bollywood filmmakers seem to be obsessed with Pakistan. Anyway, Dishoom has a very been there done that storyline but the screenplay is exciting and checks all the boxes to keep the audience entertained.

Kabir (John Abraham) and Junaid (Varun Dhawan) play the role of cops in the film. They are assigned the task of preserving India's prestige. So they go through the Middle East, into the sandy bazaars and high rises, finding the man who is the last hope of winning the match. The manhunt continues for a period of 36 hours as has been captured in the film.

The Indian audience is quickly adapting to a certain kind of substitute for romance, that is, 'bromance.' The bromance between the leading men, scenes of them in their briefs and songs too are filled with clichés that could be a genre of its own. Varun continues his Dilwale act and John's muscles do the talking for him. Akshay Kumar sports a rather daring hairstyle - a man bun. The superstar has a cameo which is the highlight of the film. The major suspect is the bookie- Akshaye Khanna, who has made a comeback after such a long time. Jacqueline Fernandez is shown to be a drug addict trying to get sober but has the moves of a secret agent. She is supposed to help the duo reach the captive. Parineeti Chopra's six pack abs make a Bollywood debut too in the song 'Janeman Aah.'

On the whole, Dishoom has good production values. The helicopter chase scene is claimed to be the most expensive stunt performed by its makers. While the story is cliché, the screenplay is in focus since the high octane action sequences give it a high entertainment quotient.

Masala Entertainer it is this weekend then. Go for it.

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