There is nothing interesting and novel. 

'Do Lafzon Ki Kahani' is based on the 2011 Korean movie, 'Always.' It has also been adapted into a Kannada movie titled 'Boxer.' The film stars Randeep Hooda as Suraj and Kajal Aggarwal as Jenny. It is written by Girish Dhamija and directed by Deepak Tijori.

This romantic movie is based on the concept of everlasting love. Sooraj, an ex-wrestler and Jenny a blind telemarketer, fall in love. He sells his life to import cornea from USA for Jenny, his blind lover. How he does it is the story that follows in the movie.

Randeep Hooda is talented and has done a fine job of imbibing reality into his character. But Kajal fails to leave a mark. She can't do justice to her character. The dialogues in the film are a mixture of cheesy and old school that make you go awww. Sometimes the chemistry doesn't fit right.

The film uses a series of cliché and the sympathy seeking tactics make you roll your eyes. One great thing in the movie was Hooda in the boxing ring and his ode to Sylvester Stallone. The music in the film is below average and doesn't benefit the film. The cinematography isn't at par and a tight budget for the movie can be reflected easily. The technical polish is missing.

What you should go to see in this movie is perhaps Randeep Hooda's performance if you're a big fan. His fighting scenes where his muscles are flexed don't fail to impress. However, he deserves better movies and with a weak direction and script the film fails to make a mark. There is nothing interesting and novel about the music and cinematography as well.

2.5 would be a maximum rating and that too only for Hooda.

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