Clear and straight up to the point.

Bollywood has always been experimenting with content when it comes to movies. Remakes of regional cinemas as well as Hollywood cinemas have always attracted the audience. One such movie which is remade is the famous Hollywood film 'Oculus' directed by Prawaal Raman starring Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem in the lead and is named as 'Dobaara: See Your Evil.'

As the story goes Natasha Alex Merchant(Huma Qureshi) and Kabir Alex Merchant(Saqib Saleem ) are siblings who live a separated life due to a tragedy that has happened in the past. She recalls her childhood with her family with her father Alex Merchant  (Adil Hussain) and her mother Lisa Alex Merchant (Lisa Ray) and their pet Rambo. Things are hunky-dory till the father brings home a mirror which is said to be haunted. One fine day in a rage of fear, Adil shoots Lisa and in turn Saqib shoots Adil. Natasha strongly believes that it is the mirror who was responsible for all happenings. The brother-sister duo reunite after a decade to destroy the haunted mirror but the mirror is well prepared in advance and knows how to protect itself.

This adaptation is successful in creating the perfect atmosphere surrounding the paranormal activities and has broken the stereotypes of Indian ghosts which were normally a white saree clad woman with long grey hair and spooky eyes. Huma and Saqib has been fantastic on screen as reel life siblings and play their part well. Huma is growing as an actress as some of the scenes show her acting prowess. Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray are at their best as always. Madallina Bellabriu Ion as the ghost in the mirror speaks accented hindi which sometimes feel funny.

Prawaal Raman's vision to showcase this film based on the paranormal activities seems clear and straight up to the point. Though some scenes make you feel bored and running out of the theatre, but the spooky and fearful horror makes you glued to the seats. The music of the film have been done well but the  background score feels unnecessary at times. The recitative dialogues does not add anything and seems boring.

With moments of fear that will send shivers down your spine, this horror film disposes all the thrill and shiver givers in Bollywood. So all you Bollywood horror fans if you are bored with watching the typical content, watch this creepy film which will give you minor horror shocks, but don't expect the major ones.

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