Joyful Jump

After kindling enough expectations, Dookudu, Mahesh Babu's comeback film, is here. Has the movie fulfilled the anticipations? Was it a real comeback for the 'Prince'? The answer is 'yes'.


The story is not new and the heroism too is familiar. But still, the film makes you sit and watch with all interest from scene one till the climax, thanks to two factors- Mahesh and director Sreenu Vytla.


A honest political leader Shankar Narayana (Prakash Raj) is in coma for 14 years, as he is attacked by a gang. His wish is that his son Ajay (Mahesh) too should become a politician, but he becomes a police officer.Even as taking good care of Shankar Narayana, Ajay also gives his best to the job. In the meantime, there is romance for him with Prasanthi (Samantha) who is the daughter of his immediate boss.At one point of time, Ajay comes to know about the identity of those behind his father's health. How he teaches a lesson to them is the crux of Dookudu.


As said already, Mahesh is the real big asset of the film. His screen presence and performance make you forget some loopholes in the script. He is right there delivering goods in almost all scenes. Samantha adds glamour quotient and she performs well too.Prakash Raj gets a meaty role to play, while Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sonu Sood and Shayaji Shinde are adequate. Brahmanandam makes us laugh out loud.There are references to NTR, ANR, Krishna and Nagarjuna and they strike a chord. Gopimohan's story, Kona Venkat's dialogues and K V Guhan's cinematography add immense value to the film. Thaman steals the show with his songs and background score.


On the whole, Dookudu, though there are some flaws, is a real entertainer. Kudos to Sreenu Vytla and Mahesh Babu for their joint efforts.

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