A love triangle with a twisted romance

When a multi-starrer movie is made, one keeps in mind the performance of each and every character who play their part in the film. But in 'Doosra Aadmi', there is one such character that takes your breath away - Rakhee Gulzar.


Rakhee who plays the character of Nisha is beautiful and intimidating. She entices you with her brillance. Yash Chopra brings about a classic love triangle with Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh and Rakhee in this movie.


Karan Saxena (Rishi Kapoor) and Timsi (Neetu Singh) are college friends who fall in love and get married. At first Karan's father doesn't agree to their marriage due to their rich status, but eventually accepts Timsi.


Things are very good between the couple. As time passes by Karan feels the need to start a company by himself and decides to start up an ad agency.


Things take a turn for Karan when Nisha, a freelancer who smokes, drinks and has no inhibitions, enters his office. Dressed in a bold attire she begins to woo Karan as he is a look alike of her boyfriend Shashi Sehgal (Shashi Kapoor) who has passed away in an accident.


Karan also starts falling for her and this is when Timsi realises that she needs to win her husband back. What happens next forms the crux of the film.


The antagonist played by Rakhee is the best. She manages to create a mystery around her shifting sides from a bubbly colleague to an enticing lover.


Rishi Kapoor also plays his part well. He is quite convincing as an actor and he delivers his skills to the best.


Supporting roles played by Neetu Singh, Shashi Kapoor and the others are good too.


Overall it is a very good movie as a distinct Yash Chopra look and feel is given to it. The highlight of the movie is the climax where the whole story restarts all over again.


Direction by Ramesh Talwar is up to the mark. Music is average to Good.



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