A rare thrilling experience! Book your tickets right away!!

After 'Lai Bhaari' winning accolades, director Nishikant Kamat gives us another reason to celebrate cinema with his latest offering to the Hindi film Industry 'Drishyam'. The film is a remake of a Malyalam film titled with the same name that starred the legendary Mohanlal. It was also remade in Tamil with Kamal Haasan playing the lead and this leaves us with no iota of doubt that the films got rave reviews.

Ajay Devgn steps in their shoes in the Hindi remake and if not better, does an equally fabulous job. He plays an orphan school drop-out who has come up on his own and runs a cable outfit at a village in Goa. A man of modest means, the only two things he loves are his family and Hindi movies on his Office TV which is his late night ritual. A certain turn of events, get the family accused of a crime. To know more, we insist you watch the film.

If you are a thriller film fan and believe that India cannot churn out good ones, think again. Drishyam has come to break that myth. Jeetu Joseph's pulsating screenplay, a non-conventional plot and near perfect direction by Kamat make this one a clear winner. 

Drishyam is about a common man who easily forgets what's right and what's wrong when it comes to the well being of his family. The only people that matter are his loved ones. Devgn takes time to mellow down a bit to suit the role but once he does, he declares that it was not by fluke that he delivered hits like 'Gangaajal' and 'Omkara'. The second half sees him in his best form.

Shriya Saran is strictly okay and Tabu is definitely a miscast. The top cop game is not up her alley, though she brilliantly manages the other part of her character, that of a mother battling emotional outburst. The daughters do pretty well, however it's Gaitonde, the bad cop who takes the cake away here. You really want him to die, he is that evil and his loose fist will make that wish even stronger.

Goa is captured brilliantly by cinematographer Avinash Arun, however we do believe that slightly tighter editing would have made this film even crispier. Vishal Bhardawaj's music engulfs you and smoothens the course of the film. Book your tickets now for a rare thrilling experience that you are sure going to be a fan of.

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