Watch it only for Sunny Leone.

Reincarnation as a concept has brought in very few hard hitting stories for Hindi cinema, most being totally irrelevant and uninteresting. Unfortunately 'Ek Paheli Leela' too falls in the latter category. It's true that we did not expect much out of this Sunny Leone starrer 'Soft Porn', but selling a film on the sole basis of the lead protagonist's 'décolletage' is absolutely crass.

Director Bobby Khan gives Adult Star Sunny Leone center stage. Her character, the British Indian model Meera is tricked into flying down to India from London for a shoot, unaware that she has a mystery in store for her dating to three centuries back.   

Leone sure cannot act but well there's no chance that you get past her voluptuous frame and notice that. The male actors too give a tough competition, flaunting their perfectly chiseled bodies to impress the female audience who are sure to swoon over them. On the acting front, though, they two aren't that impressive. The film flows smoothly into the two eras depicted and the actors manage to look good and convincing in both. Even picturesque are the locations where the film is shot and cinematographer Bashalal Syed deserves a special mention for that.

The music of the film is also some-thing that would lure many into watching it, but where it fails is at the core script and its absolutely poor execution. A few dialogues in the film evoke unintended laughter while the sex humour is tasteless and could have been totally avoided.   

Through the first 15 minutes into the film when Leone blabbers that Short skirts are the short cut to success you will realize that it totally isn't worth your time. And if you still manage to sit through it, the climax will definitely make you cringe in your seats.

Watching the film only for Leone and its imagery sure makes sense, but if you are also expecting a logical story and an engaging screenplay, you are definitely in the wrong screen. We would go for two stars for this one, more so for its visual appeal. 

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