'Ek Phool Do Mali' looks at the struggle of a child between his biological father and the "other" father(the one who raises him). The other father is childless(unsuccessful attempts many times). The movie is full of memorable songs that share the feelings of the "real and the other" father.

This is not the same masala mix of traditional Hindi movies. A very good movie with a strong storyline. A remnant of the old Hindi filmi era. Good performances by all concerned. Sadhana, Balraj-of course expected of him- and including Sanjay. Not many have a high opinion of Sanjay as a thespian- but his looks were impeccably dashing. The songs were all great hits.

A good movie compared to the nonsense being churned out of Bollywood nowadays- though a few are OK. That is purely because of the nice story and good songs - the latter important, especially for Indians. The music by Ravi is an important part of the movie. Pure nostalgia.
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