Absurd events stringed together in a musical...

"Amazing scenery...backwaters, the churches, the coconut trees... Is this some travel show?"


 "And what beautiful music, such peppy songs... Then... is this some music album?"

"Not really, this is actually a film."

"Oh really, then why does this have everything but a proper story? Why is it so absurd?" (Your thoughts while watching the movie)


Yes, Ekk Deewana Tha by Gautham Menon is an absolutely absurd film which is the remake of the director's Tamil film- Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. It has no rhythm, no rhyme and is probably one of the sappiest love stories ever.


Boy sees girl, girl sees boy. Boy falls in love and pursues her until even she confesses that "Mujhe bhi dekhte hi tumse pyaar ho gaya tha... (It was love at first sight for me too)". Then what is the problem? Actually there is not just one, but many problems. The caste is a problem, the guy's unemployment is another problem, the boy's professional choice is also a problem but the biggest problem is the girl and her confusion. Suddenly the boy gets a fine job as an assistant director and he gets busy. The girl gets mad at him and leaves him (looks like she loved him only 'coz he had time, loads of time). Time passes and the boy has finally become a director & the girl is married... Or is she? This being a movie, anything is possible and hence the height of coincidence is its specialty; so, they both somehow meet again and hopefully they live Happily Ever After.


Prateik Babbar is slightly better than his previous movies but he still plays the "I am so dumb, I am so innocent" facade. Amy Jackson absolutely cannot act. She looks pretty but there is nothing more to her than her one-dimensional acting and a horrible wanna-be seductive voice. The supporting cast is fine, they don't have much scope.


The movie is utterly flat and doesn't make any sense.  The music is the only plus except of course the background music which sounds totally irrelevant. Even the cinematography is quite impressive but all these factors don't contribute in making the movie better. The dialogues are so cheesy and sappy that you will literally want to throw up. In fact, you might even fail to understand a few conversations.


An interesting thing about this movie (probably the only interesting thing) is that it has two endings. One is the director's cut and one is the people's choice. But no matter how you end a movie, if the entire movie is terribly boring, predictable and simply not worth it, even the ending doesn't matter.  


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