This film happens to be a thoroughly refreshing change!!

You get into the theater without doing a background research of who is who in the movie but you come out delighted. This, my friends is one rare event in the life of a reviewer. And this is exactly what happened with the film Ekkees Topon Ki Salaami. Coming from Nautanki Films banner, this comedy satire directed by Ravindra Gautam is a breath of fresh air for the viewers.

The film's story revolves around the life of an honest man with sly and dishonest children. This humble jamadar of BMC has to pay the prize for his honesty when he is alleged of stealing the company property. The story then evolves into an emotional drama where the father breaths his last with a death wish that he be given "Ekkees Topon Ki Salaami", the highest honour conferred upon the martyrs and national leaders. This is the game changer.

Pre-interval the film cashes on emotions. It literally leaves you teary eyed. The conversation between a father and his sons is hard-hitting.  Anupam Kher as Purushotam Narayan Joshi comes across as the quintessential common man of Bollywood,  the one taken directly from RK Laxman's caricatures. Apart from Kher, Divyendu Sharma effortlessly gets into the act but he retains his Delhi diction. This 140 minutes film is nuanced, subtle yet a decent entertainer that you have been waiting for. 

The film however has its share of flaws and here we speak not of the technical errors. It is rather the songs that are forcefully fitted in. Considering the story of the film is its hero, we believe it is high time Bollywood gives up on adding the commercial quotient in the films by using songs as the means. Why fit in when you are born to stand out!

Over all, the film is part fiction and part reality and replete with multiple enjoyable moments. It has a profound effect on you so much that at a point you might even end up berating yourself that you are reviewing such a magnificent work.  The film serves its job well. It gives away a kind message as well as entertains the viewers. All in all it is a refreshing change that we have been waiting for.

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