Appallingly Repetitive!

There's not much that the audience expects from an Akshay Kumar film, except for a few laughs. The basic idea is forgetting the complicated intricacies of life for a little over two hours and lighten up. 

Most of the time Akshay hits his target right and gets the desired attention, but 'Entertainment' needed a little more thought to be put out there. 

Akshay Kumar can proudly boast of fans who are 5 to 12 year olds and this one could have been easily targeted at them. However, to get a bigger audience, directors Sajid and Farhad put in elements that were absolutely uncalled for; but what else can we expect from someone who gave us 'Housefull 2'. They take more than required cinematic liberties and goof up big time. 

As cliched or bizzare as it may sound, the story is about a broke Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar) who discovers that his 'birth' father has left behind inheritance for him. The caretaker who Akhil has to fight to get everything in his name is a dog called 'Entertainment', an extremely adorable one, probably the only good thing that could happen to the film.

Overacting is what the entire cast does throughout the film. Akshay is doing nothing that we haven't seen before. Tammanaah Bhatia looks pale and acts average. Casting Sonu Sood and Mithun Chakraborty was absolutely wasted. And what is wrong with Prakash Raj? After 'Wanted' and 'Singham', the actor could have been positioned as a powerful villain, but the roles he chooses are completely not working in his favour. 

Krushna Abhishek makes you laugh and is watchable. Johnny Lever needs to get his mojo back. 

The dialogues are appallingly repetitive and do not give any humour whatsoever. Only kids to a certain extent may enjoy it but for them too the spoof on TV soaps, bit of vulgarity and lot of other elements are not suitable.

Cinematography is decent and background score is good. The music is nice but there are too many songs added. 'Johnny Johnny' and 'Veerey Di Wedding' stand out. 

The film is bearable but only in the first half, if you still please to sit through it, do it at your own risk. 

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