It's gripping and gives the audience an adrenaline rush.

Okay so as biased as we may seem, yes we loved Shah Rukh Khan in and as his 'Fan' in Maneesh Sharma's latest show as this is the SRK that we saw when he first set foot in the industry and as much as his critics would say that he has lost his mojo, he gives it back to them with 'Fan' and how.   

Sure the film has its flaws but the superstar's energy as a Bollywood Numero Uno and his biggest fan who gets awry after he realizes that his icon is not exactly the way he represents himself.

The story as revealed in its trailer but it's the screenplay that is the second hero of the film, after Shah Rukh. It's gripping and gives the audience an adrenaline rush. The chase sequences added though seem to be unbelievable but added to up the entertainment factor, and it does work in the film's favour. The film is on purpose has been kept song free to let the audience feel the thrill.

Shah Rukh Khan excels as a superstar that he is in real life and as the fan. His energy is commendable. Sayani Gupta as Aryan Khanna's secretary though has a brief role but makes an impact. Amin and Tiku as the Fan's parent do a decent job and the rest of the supporting cast.

The title song is already a hit with the masses and topping the charts. Andrea Guerra's background score gets loud at places but helps well where needed. Manu Anand's cinematography captures Mumbai, Croatia, London at Delhi beautifully. The chase sequences too are shot well. Namrata Rao too does a great job with the editing.

SRK seems to be introspecting his own self in the film, getting to know himself better. There are moments and dialogues that highlight this and that's where it comes as a winner.

The entire team has done their homework really well and it shows. It's a well made film and its SRK who takes it to another level. He reminds you of the rage he portrayed in 'Baazigar' and 'Darr'. Go Go Go watch this one…          

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