Fatso is a big fat disappointment!!!

Fatso is the latest offering from Pritish Nandy Communications directed by Rajat Kapoor. When you know that such talented names are associated with the movie, you are expected to have a fun ride throughout. And we do get one, till the interval. But do not expect it to be the same after that.


Naveen (Purab Kohli) is on the verge of getting married to his long time girl friend Nandini (Gul Panag). But in an unfortunate accident, death separates both of them. However, it is only when Naveen reaches the gates of the afterlife that he is shot with the fact that it was not him, but Sudeep (Ranvir shorey) who was supposed to die instead of him. The twist in tale comes when Naveen is sent back to earth, but in the body of Sudeep who is a “Fatso”. 


We always relate death to Yama but Yama here is a khakhee clad middle aged man who looks like a peon (Brijendra Kala) and the so called hell or heaven is shown as an office nothing less than a government office. There are departments of suicides, old age, accidents and what not. And just so that you guys know, there are senior managers and even managing directors in the death office. You tend to think, ‘Arre! Death ke baad ye hain, toh what's the big deal in dying’. 


The movie loses its connection after the interval and takes us on a dull roller-coaster ride with no big bends or curves. Naveen, who is supposed to fulfill Sudeep’s dreams being in his body, is shown totally confused. He wants to take Nandini away from his friend (Neil Bhoopalam) who has an eye on her and who already has another girl friend. 


Rajat Kapoor gave a great beginning to the movie and he indeed caught the audience on hold till interval. However, the director fails to offer the same in the second half. After presenting us with a master piece like Mithya, you expect a similar brilliant script and direction with proper story. But alas, he fails. 


The screenplay of the movie is let loose and breaks the connection with the viewers. There are so many unwanted scenes and sequences which might even put you off for a little while. The music fails to make an impression to an extent that you can completely ignore it. 


The highlight of the movie is certainly Purab Kohli and Bijendra Kala as the duo’s chemistry is something to look out for and you demand for more. Their performances complemented each other really well. 


Gul Panag charms the viewers with her dimple-filled smile, but how you wish she could have charmed us with her acting. Talented actor Ranvir Shorey has not been explored well and seems to be wasted throughout. 


All in all if you are looking for a few laughs here and there, go watch it this weekend. 

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