Firangi fails to raise the entertainment meter. 

Rajiv Dhingra directed 'Firangi' which is a period drama flick reigning around the pre-independence era features Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta and Monica Gill in lead roles. Now when the film begins with the introduction of the British empire in our motherland with a well-recognized voiceover of Amitabh Bachchan, it automatically sets high expectations that it has to be an intriguing film. Well, hard to say but that's not the case with this film.

The start is seemingly well introducing the backdrop of beautiful Punjab with sweet and simple characters from the early 1920's. Kapil Sharma remains the captain of the ship with his stand out acting, exhibiting the innocent character of a common man Manga who aspires to become a police officer but is rejected several times. He possesses this traditional gift of God as he one of those who is born reverse and can cure back pain by just a kick on the back. Kapil's character truly admires the work of the British and perceives that they are not wrong. Kapil has filled the shoes of this lead character with a lot of grace and goodness. The performance is matched evenly by Ishita Dutta who plays a sweet shy village girl Sargi, the passionate love interest of Manga.The setting up of their love story from that vintage era is portrayed beautifully and is one of the alluring moments of the film. 

Anjan Srivastav as a patriotic Gandhi admirer and Sargi's grandfather, a major hurdle between their marriage. Undoubtedly, the most sensible character of this film that has a little fire in his heart to acquire freedom from the British Raj. Monica Gill plays the King's daughter Shyamali, who is back from London after her studies. She is the most pretty looking character on-screen. She holds the audiences with her glamorous looks and a grace-full British accent but that's not enough right.

The villain of their life is Kumud Mishra who plays the role of an autocratic King accepts the business proposal of setting up a liquor factory by the British Officer Daniel played by Edward Sonnenblick, by cheating the villagers. Edward is spot on with his role and looks amazing as a British officer. Everyone blame's Manga for this mess but ultimately he is the one who fixes this.

The tone could have been a bit serious at some parts but the writers chose to keep it light-hearted with jokes which did not manage to giggle the audiences. The massive loophole in this film is its screenplay that is here and there and not at all interesting. The songs aren't catchy and no one remembers a single line. The only song that remains in our head is Oye Firangi performed by Sunidhi Chauhan, aha finally a sigh of relief. Cinematography by Navneet Misser is mediocre and there is no newness that could make the audience perceive to be a visual delight. Could have been a lot better. Full marks for the set designers as the sets are crafted wonderfully, creating the aura from the pre-independent Punjab. Art Direction head Shabana Khanam needs a shoutout for this brilliant piece of work. Uma Biju has designed the costumes of this period flick and she has completely upgraded everyone's look in the wedding scenes. We couldn't sense them as vintage costumes but a lot of designer wear, god knows such costumes existed in the 1920 era.

Well, if you are a Kapil Sharma fan you can go ahead to watch this period flick for him. But don't expect excitement and interest because the film fails to cater these two elements.  

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