FORCE… Not that FORCEfull!  

Revenge… that is the bottom-line of most of the movies. It is the easiest, safest bet and one of the most successful formulae in the Bollywood movies. "Badle Ki Aag" forces the villain to go after the good guy and when the good guy is hurt, he is suddenly charged up with this "Badle Ki Aag" only to go after the bad guy with full Force. Nishikant Kamath's movie FORCE, a remake of the 2003 Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha, is all about the good boy-bad boy fight for revenge.

NCB- Narcotics Crime Branch, a place where catching drug peddlers is taken really seriously… This branch gets an informer, Arvind, who tells them about the four biggest gangs working in the city. NCB gears up to catch the culprits and clean up the city once and for all. A special task force is formed with ACP Yashvardhan aka Yash (John Abraham) as the leader along with three other really intelligent officers. While they are cleaning up, they don’t realize that they are actually making way for a bigger shark to enter and capture the drugs scene; and by the time they do realize this, it is too late. An encounter takes place and Anna (Mukesh Rishi) is killed in front of his brother Vishnu's (Vidyut Jamwal) eyes. Vishnu is mad and furious and wants to avenge his brother's death. To do this, he goes after the four Officials and their families.

On one hand, there is power packed action while; on the other hand, John meets this over-cheerful-about-everything-in life kind of a girl Maya (Genelia D’souza). She proposes and he reluctantly but finally accepts her proposal in a few days time. “Harr aadmi ki ek dukhti rugg hoti hai” (Each man has some weakness) says Vishnu and now after years of singlehood, suddenly Maya comes in his life and she becomes his weakness, proving Vishnu, right. Vishnu attacks one of the team members & his girlfriend and kills them brutally. Here on, begins the killing, running and crazy chase to take revenge.

The story is typical and there is nothing new about it except the climax… It is probably the first time (after Ghajini) that the director has moved away from Bollywood's "Happily Ever After" formulae. The movie has a few really well crafted scenes. The cinematography is beautifully done, three cheers to the people "behind the screen". Genelia and John, both cannot act. John is still okay but Genelia is simply all about show-off. Her entry in the movie reminded me of Kareena Kapoor from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Genelia is no doubt pretty, but acting is not really her strong-point. Vidyut Jamwal is good. His entire physique doubled with a really high-powered fight makes him bring out the best performance. Mohnish Bahl is superb, his chemistry with Sandhya Mridul and acting, both are good. The star in the show for me though, is Kamlesh Sawant. Not only does he have really good dialogues, but he has executed them very well as well. Anaitha Nair, a very good actress, has been absolutely wasted in this movie. 

What is lacking in the movie is the missing surprise element, a rather melancholic end and a fewer songs. The first half is a bit sluggish but the movie picks up its pace in the second half. The fight in the end is gory and not very exciting to watch.

In spite of having a director as big as Nishikant Kamat and a few of the finest actors/actresses, the movie doesn't live-up to its expectations. It fails to create the impact which Ghajini's revenge created and the "Revenge" card in FORCE hasn’t been portrayed very well. Watch the movie if you are a big fan of John and now, even Vidyut’s fan… Something is better than nothing… 

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