Go with an open mind and enjoy the flick. 

When John Abraham's tough cop interacted with Vidyut Jammwal cold blooded villain in 'Force', the inṭense chase and conversation were both very convincing and intriguing. The film worked, the only reason it now has a sequel, and a good one, thankfully. Our only gripe is that if this one would have stayed a little away from the cliched been there done that route and blown us away. Sadly, it remains a good but alas a same ole' Bollywood action flick.

So Yash has a quality fitting (well at least on the onset) partner with him, Agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha) to fight with the evil forces of an intelligent antagonist played by Tahir Adam Bhasin. The plot is simple, the screenplay quite predictable but what really disappoints is a half baked character sketch. There's so much more that the actors here are capable though. They do not leave a stone unturned but are restricted by average direction and little depth. The chase sequences are repeated a lot just like Abraham's continuous removal of his shirt to portray his well chiseled abs and biceps. He acts well and if you are a fan, you will not be disappointed. Sonakshi is good but her role could have been given more importance. Tahir Raj Bhasin is not just eye candy as already proved in his debut 'Mardaani' but also a very amazing actor. As he holds the film together pretty well and is apt alongside Abraham. He also gets some of the best lines spoken in the film. Although we do think that the prequel had better dialogues.

Another high point the film has is the surreal cinematography that portrays Budapest as grand and picturesque. Background score gets too loud at some points; we really hope someday out filmmakers do understand that a subtle background score can also make a thrilling impact.

Overall, Force 2 isn't a bad watch but be prepared to see the already seen stuff. Go with an open mind and enjoy the picturizarion of both Budapest and John's hot bod.

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