Even Nawazuddin can't save this film. 

Sohail Khan's 'Freaky Ali' definitely marks Nawazuddin Siddiqui's debut as a solo hero in mainstream masala entertainers, but is the audience ready for him or not is another part of the story. The actor with all his might gives his all to the character that definitely is unique but required someone like Ranveer Singh or a Varun Dhawan to pull in the masala lovers into the theatres.

That said, had the story had more meat, then it was more of a Siddiqui affair, as we have seen him and associate him with films  that have the content right in place. The trailer gives it all and we have little left to imagination when we watch the film. Its been there seen that kinda feeling where a street bum makes it big in a freaky (funny) way.

Ali (Siddiqui) is a goon who does odd Gunda type jobs for his boss danger bhai (Nikitan Dheer) along with his buddy Maqsood (Arbaaz Khan). He plays amazing cricket and can kick ass in golf. His neighbor Kisanlal (Asif Basra) sees his talent and trains him to beat rich professionals at the game. Will he win the championship? Ofcourse, he will, he is the hero of the film.

The best dialogues of the film are revealed in the trailer and they do make you laugh in the film as well. However, the film is not completely funny and gets into dramatics a lot, especially in the second half. It delivers a lot of peaks and valleys and the golf ball does not quite enter the hole all the time, remains just 2 inches apart.

Nawaz, as mentioned earlier gives his best. Amy Jackson does nothing but smile and clap in the film. Their love angle too seems quite forcefully added. The supporting cast was apparently given a mandate to overact. Well, let us remind you, overacting is not humorous.

The background score is decent and the music average. Overall, you might have a soft corner for Nawaz, but for that you needn't watch this film. Please call for DVDs of his 'Gangs of Wasseypur', 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' or even 'Lunch Box' and watch them at home.

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