Totally worth your time, money and love! 

What happens when you put an interesting ensemble cast together to represent the role of the youth in the changing scenario in this dynamic country? Bam!!! You get a super entertaining film 'FUGLY' that is a satire with the right dose of social message smartly embedded in it. 

It might sound like a clichéd film, but believe us, this film will not only surprise you with its stunning script but will also stay with you for a really long time.
The film is about four best buddies - Dev (Mohit Marwah), Gaurav (Vijender Singh), Aditya (Arfi Lamba) and Devi (Kiara Advani). 

Living their life to the fullest, the 20-somethings come face to face with the real picture when an arrogant Haryanvi cop, Chautala (Jimmy Shergill) puts an end to their happy-go-lucky, life-is-a-party phase. 

After facing the brutal hardships, the protagonists go through the ugly spiral down to choose from love, friendship, values and priorities.
They say never judge a book from its cover and we would say the same for this flick. The trailers have not done justice to the film's content. They can actually be misleading, so we would advise the audience to not judge it by the trailers and go watch this new age cinema. 

Director Kabir Sadanand has done a brilliant job in weaving all the small concepts with the crucial issues so beautifully in the film, that he deserves a round of applause for his strong hold on the narration. 

The direction was complemented by the edgy cinematography which keeps up with the pace of the film without a single dull moment on the screen. 

Talking about performances, and oh good lord! These newcomers have performed surprisingly well in their debut film. 

They have worked hard on their acting skills and executed the well-written dialogues in the perfect manner. 

Anil Kapoor's nephew Mohit Marwah delivers a splendid performance while Kiara Advani is a surprise package. 

'Slumdog Millionaire' actor Arfi Lamba does a decent job while Olympian Medalist Vijender Singh fits the bill as a Haryanvi Jat. His comic timing and acting will take you by surprise. 

But the man who simply takes the film to another level is Jimmy Shergill. He yet again proves that he is way better an actor than the leading stars of our times. He has delivered an award-winning performance in this film. 

Apart from that, there is a special item number by Sana Saeed which doesn't quite fit the script, but we can willingly overlook this minor glitch for the many positives coming from the film. 

Films like FUGLY need attention and appreciation to attain true success.

It's totally worth your time, money and love! 

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