Choocha is the star of this entertaining laughter ride.

The fantastic four from Fukrey is back with a bang and this time the jokes are funnier than the first one. Bholi Punjaban needs to get out of the prison and she takes help of a corrupt politician who is the ringmaster of the Fukrey returns fiesta. Pulkit Samrat as Hunny is charming and serious all the way grasping that gritty jugadu Delhi accent. His love interest Priya Anand as Priya Sharma is a pretty Delhite from a middle-class family. Ali Fazal as Zafar Bhai is quiet a sensible character and a humble advisor just like from the first Fukrey flick. Vishakha Singh as Neetu Raina is her love interest and has less screen space this time. Moving towards the bachelors, Manjot Singh as Lali seems like the only virgin from Delhi making us giggle with his light little punches. Now we have to admit that Varun Sharma as Choocha is the 'Man of the Match' if this is a cricket match. His presence literally makes the audiences burst out of their seat through some fabulous funny moments. The dream run of making money out of the lottery number begins with Bholi's vengeance and the gang is stuck once again in this heist of humour. The unexpected element from this flick was the comic timing by Pankaj Tripathi as Panditji who is no more a college watchman now but a hardcore member of the Fukrey gang.

Just like the tone of the film, the songs are light-hearted and catchy. Beginning with 'Mehbooba' performed by Neha Kakkar, Yasser Desai and Raftaar, is a revamp version of the classic Mohammed Rafi song of the same name. The song is quite peppy and shows the party visuals of the Fukrey boys chilling out. Composed by Prem and Hardeep the song has a lot of energy to lift our party mood up. Another light-hearted peppy song is 'Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai', with some crazy verses by Raftaar giving a modern meaning to this generation's brotherly friendship. Performed by Gandharv Sachdev, Raftaar the song describes the sweet chemistry of Hunny and Choocha. Adding a bit of romantic flavour to this is the song 'Ishq De Fanniyar' performed by Shaarib and Toshi having a lot of grace in the couple's chemistry. The only emotional moment from the film is this song 'Raina' performed by Shree D where every member from the Fukrey Gang is regretting their deeds.

Direction and screenplay by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba who even wrote few of the dialogues for the film presented an entertaining film for the masses. The essence of Delhi remains in this intriguing movie and the winter cannot pass until you have watched it with friends. The storyline is truly logical. The locations are typo Delhi spots including the Zoo and many of other places. Cinematography by Andre Menezes is quite fresh and flawless matching up with smooth editing by Dev Rao Jadhav.

Don't watch this entertaining flick alone watch Fukrey Returns with your dear yaars, that's the fun.            

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