Gabbar is Back

Akshay Kumar's fight against corruption continues with his latest offering to Hindi cinema 'Gabbar Is Back', a film inspired from the 2002 Tamil hit 'Ramanaa'.

It wouldn't be wrong if we say that 'Gabbar is Back' is a one man show and Akshay Kumar does complete justice of carrying the burden of the film on his shoulder. We say burden as it's the film that lets him down with its half-baked script and a poor screenplay. Debutante director Krish has tried to touch a lot many issues, rather than focusing on the few that would have made a better impact. From the Doctors, to real estate to the politicians, none have been spared from Gabbar's 'Wrath' as he exposes the corrupt.

Kumar plays a physics professor Aditya, but that's on the sideline as his original business aims at uprooting corruption from the country. However, he's not an undercover cop or an ATS agent in this one, he takes the opposite unlawful path to accomplish his mission.

From mouthing clap-worthy and whistle inviting dialogues to bashing up the goons, Kumar does it all with elan. He doesn't deprives his fans of the awesomeness he creates on the silver screen and that's one reason, we would want all akki die-hard fans to go watch this one.

Shruti Haasan is your typical Hindi film heroine, who is cast in the film for the customary song-dance sequences being the hero's love interest. She looks pretty and fresh and does her part well. 

Suman Talwar, Jaydeep Alhawat and Sunil Grover are perfect cast and the right amount of tinge needed for this masala entertainer. Kareena Kapoor Khan shines in her cameo and so does the super sultry Chitrangada Singh in Honey Singh's item number 'Aao Raja'.

The music of the film is soothing and will stay on the charts for quite some time. Rajat Arora's dialogues are another highlight of the film. Editing and cinematography are bang on.

There are more hits than misses that the film sees, however, if you are expecting it to break records like the iconic Hindi film villain 'Gabbar' did, think again. Go for this one for Akshay and the dialogues that he mouths, one of them being, 'System bachchon ke diaper jaisa ho gaya hai…kahin se gila aur kahin se dheela'.  

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