Humans Haunted!!

For ages the ghosts have been scaring humans, but now the games of the rule have changed as Satish Kaushik comes up with a new concept of spirits being haunted by humans. 

The idea sounds cool, but was it executed right? Read on to find out! 

Satish Kaushik who had earlier produced 'Darna Zaroori Hai', this time tries to marry horror with comedy and directs a remake of the Bengali film 'Bhooter Bhabishyat'.

With the city being populated, there is no place left for the ghosts, other than the 'Royal Mansion', a bungalow in which no one lives and is occasionally rented out for shoots. So a gang of ghosts invade the mansion. 

There is a patriarch (Anupam Kher) who does the selection process of the inmates. A sizzling ghost (Meera Chopra) and a crazy one (Chunky Pandey). 

On the human side there is a struggling writer (Sharman Joshi) and an actress (Mahie Gill) who gets caught up in this crazy situation.
Sharman is one of the most talented actors, but off recently he has been struggling with his comic timing. There are a few scenes in which he shines, but overall it's an average performance. 

Mahie Gill plays her character well but she fails to be funny. Meera Chopra makes a mark. Anupam Kher is funny but his popping teeth get annoying. Parambrata Chatterjee who plays a producer in the movie is very impressive. 

Satish Kaushik is known to have made some entertaining movies in the past, but he falters this time as his movie looks very dated. 

While the casting was efficient, the screenplay slows down and makes you yawn. Wish Kaushik could have imbibed some great ideas. 

GANG OF GHOSTS could have been a great movie if the treatment given to it was right. 

Watch it if in mood for some very light comedy. 

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