Leaves your head spinning.....

Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi managed to create magic with 'The Dirty Picture', and now the two are back with the comedy-thriller 'Ghanchakkar'. Vidya teams up with director Raj Kumar Gupta once again. The two had earlier worked in 'No One Killed Jessica'. With such an intellect team coming together for 'Ghanchakkar', the audiences' expectations are obviously high.

'Ghanchakkar' begins with a dissimilar couple, Sanjay Athray (Emraan Hashmi) a husband, who is a couch potato and watches TV all day long, while wife Neetu (Vidya Balan) is busy aping fashion from 'Vogue' and in no sense can be called an excellent cook.

While Sanjay might seem like a normal guy, he is actually a 'safecracker'; he has retired from the crime world, but gets tempted by his materialistic wife to work with two thugs Panditji (Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das), and rob a bank. The three don Bollywood masks and head to loot 30 crores from a small bank, and Sanju is forced to take custody of the cash and stash it for three months, as the police are likely to get done with their investigations by then.

Emraan has progressed to being a mature actor, and he does manage to keep the show going, but somewhere in between he looks lost, as his character is not well etched. While in pre-interval, Emraan manages to make you laugh, it is after the break that he looks clueless and is not in his element.

Vidya tries to breathe life in the movie with her 'fake' Punjabi accent; she manages to make you laugh with her absurd dressing sense. In fact, Vidya is the only saving factor in 'Ghanchakkar'.

Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das duo start on a good note, but they get obnoxious after a point as they get on your nerves.

Raj Kumar Gupta's direction is decent; the bank-loot scene is hilarious and the Bollywood stars mask idea is genius. A weak story and screenplay are the real culprits, as the story gets monotonous and screenplay is impractical.

A bank is robbed of 30 crores and the police are not investigating the issue further. Besides, there are mysterious calls, the actor has a suspicious memory loss and no idea why the doctor gets murdered; all of this and more, make you feel like a 'fool'.

The music of the movie also fails to save the show, as Amit Trivedi does an average job and not one song has a tune that goes home with you.

Gupta is at the helm of things, but he fails to lead his team of actors into something, which could have been a masterpiece, and 'Ghanchakkar' fails at various levels.

With just a few giggles in store, watch it if you really want to 'kill' time.

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