Strictly for Sunny paaji's fans.

Sunny Deol donned a director's hat to direct the sequel of his blockbuster 'Ghayal' titled as 'Ghayal Once Again'. But seems like he forgot to understand that the sequel is not made in 90's but in 2016, where battles against the powerful ones are fought with brains more than the physical strength.

Just like Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) channelised his entire strength to fight against the wrongdoers in the society, sequel too follows the same. He is the founder of a secret agency that unleashes the truth in the society and fights for justice. Psychologist Rhea (Soha Ali Khan) and Joe (Om Puri) are Ajay's active members in all his secret missions. This time Ajay helps 4 teenagers who have captured Joe's murder by business tycoon Raj Bansal's (Narendra Jha) son on a tape and then the actual fight of good versus evil begins.  

As we said battles in today's time are fought with sharp brains over physical strength and bloodshed, this movie fails to adapt it. Though he chose a topic that very much exists in the society, the reaction on it was totally like our 90's movies. The villain is shown using modern technologies to keep an eye on them, while Sunny continues to believe in his old methods of punishing the criminals with his violent actions.

Sunny is fierce as usual as required for this action genre, while Soha has done justice to whatever little part she has in the film. Om Puri, Neena Kulkarni, Tisca Chopra, Manoj Joshi simply lit up the screen with their performances.

Thankfully the cinematography and edit of the film were good. Movie scenes were not lengthy and help in conveying the hero's message without any hassle. But as the film is an action flick it has not scored extremely well in the action department, besides the hand-to-hand combat, few action sequences were just weird and unrealistic.  

Coming to music action films are better to remain away from it. One celebratory track featuring 4 young kids fits properly in the film.

All said and done if you are thinking to watch this film for some strong dialogues and powerful punches, the film doesn't meet any of it. Thus, we rate this film 2 stars.


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