Watch it only if you have nothing better to do this weekend

Subhash Kapoor made quite the impact with his 'Phas Gaye Re Obama' in 2010 and then with the Arshad Warsi starrer 'Jolly LLB' that has won a national award in 2013. He joins hands with Warsi yet again to present a revenge drama titled 'Guddu Rangeela'. However, this time his magic works but only in parts.

Loosely inspired by the Manoj-Babli honour killing case that shook the nation in 2007, 'Guddu Rangeela' starts with the Khap killing Rangeela's (Arshad Warsi) just wedded wife Babli (Shriswara). Rangeela and his cousin Guddu (Amit Sadh) are small time goons who want to make a quick buck and one of their assignments has Rangeela face Billu (Ronit Roy), the Khap Chieftain who is responsible for Babli’s death. A parallel track has the kidnapped deaf and dumb girl Baby's (Aditi Rao Hydari) revenge story with Billy running.  

There's too much going on in the film and that's why it loses the grip at most places. With the Khap, Guddu and Baby's unrealistic brewing love, Guddu and Rangeela's half baked bromance, there isn't much that keeps the audience glued to the screens. A pity as the film is laced by excellent actors who have proven their expertise time and again. Warsi is a stellar performer but his character lets him a down a bit. Sadh doesn't suit his role however does his best. Aditi looks great but in no way seems dumb or deaf. Ronit Roy shows authority and does a stupendous job. Sandeep Goyat as Chottey is impressive and so is Dibyendu and Bijendra Kala.

Quite a few sequences in the film seem redundant and add to the length, slicker editing by Arindam Ghatak would have definitely helped here. Amit Trivedi's tunes are decent with 'Mata Ka email' standing out as the modern interpretation of receiving Mata's blessings. The Khap panchayat's stories have generated enough anger in the nation and more than watching a film on it, we would prefer 'honour killings' termed as history by our constitution.

Kapoor tries to say too many things at once which all seem disjointed, had he focused on one aspect; the outcome would have been different. As it is, only watch if you have nothing better to do this weekend, or are a huge fans of the star cast.

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