'Guide' is an impeccable work of art, it's not just a movie. It is a lifetime achievement for all those who were a part of it, not intending to undermine their other accomplishments.

Director/actor Vijay Anand,popularly called Goldie,shows his class and commitment to prove himself even when the English version of the movie directed by Ted Danielewski failed earlier. It was a just a five minute song that Yash Johar(PRO for production) showed to the distributors before they were convinced that the movie is a classic. The photography,art direction and production of the movie, sets it apart from other movies of its era and puts it right up there on a different level.

It would not be wrong to say that 'Guide' is the soul of Indian Cinema and serves as an inspiration to many. For all those who doubt the talent and originality of Dev Anand(Raju), this is the answer. Waheeda Rehman(Rosie), has herself confessed that 'Guide' was the best ever role that she performed. S D Burman's heart rending music and Vijay Anand's vision have made this a landmark accomplishment for Indian cinema. It's based on a novel by R.K. Narayan called 'The Guide'.
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